April 27, 2007
Well, I’ve had to put the kibosh on comments from anonymous Interwebers. Sir Spamalot and his friends have virtually taken over my archives, and while it’s cool that they are inflating my comments, I find it sad to see that they all read

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Blogger Kelly said...

No more anons!

Sir Spamalot certenly is an em-effer!

Blogger A Unique Alias said...

Why you gotta call me out like that? I felt that was a really well-thought out comment. Just because it was over your head doesn't make it spam, jeeze.

D Sanchez shudder,

Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

When I first started my blog, those were my only comments. I felt so loved until a friend pointed out that they were in fact spam. What? Huh?

Blogger Sizzle said...

i don't believe in anonymous commenting anyhow. :)

Haha awww. That's happened to me a few times. At least they're good for a laugh, eh?

Blogger Amaya said...

Jessica Simpson John Mayer Dirty Sanchez... interesting.

Blogger t2ed said...

Please tell me that "nude" and "Martha Stewart" are independent items and not connected in any way.

Blogger Jessica said...

that's better than dirty sanchez and Martha Stewart...that makes the stomach turn.

Blogger that girl said...

gack! nude martha.

hey...how DOES blockbuster stay open?

porn gnocchi...fascinating. I have got to get out more. damn my sheltered upbringing.

Blogger tfg said...

Damnit, I'd been finding great deals on Cialis here.

Blogger Matt said...


Last summer I didn't get this whole blogging thing and wondered why no one ever commented on my blog. (I had no blog roll.)

I was thrilled to see a message one day. Someone had read my blog! I had taken a lot of care in writing that post, too, and it was very emotional.

I was crushed that the Internet thinks I need that little blue pill.

Blogger Dave said...

Dear Ass Smell Girl,

The key to avoiding the anonymous Interwebers is to be wildly unpopular. Ask one who knows.


Blogger Jorge said...

Dave is only wildly unpopular because he never updates his blog.

The End?


Spam wille ventually get you unless you put some sort of safeguards into place.

I have ravenous skunks in my computer, awaiting any new spam that comes my way.

Blogger thethinker said...

I wish my blog were cool enough to have somebody spam it (unless of course the spammer is reading this right now).

Blogger Heather said...

Boy, are you going to get some interesting google searches! :)

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