October 4, 2005
Take one down, pass it around, 100 bottles of wine on my wall
In hindsight, writing the first 99 posts was easier than this list of 100 things about me. Here's to the first 100 entries and at least 100 more.

Generally, conventionally hot men do not appeal to me in the slightest.
I spent part of my sixth-grade year living in a thatched-roof cottage in Belgium. The smell of both bananas and popcorn make me sick to my stomach.
I can't for the life of me truly understand the law of supply and demand.
I never cry as hard as I do at the end of the movie Rudy.
No matter how hard I try to think otherwise, I find both Julia Roberts and sushi to be grossly overrated.
I eat McDonald's fries so seldom that I get mad when the ones I am served are lukewarm and/or droopy.
I can't stand it when women think their only tool is their sexuality.
I horded toilet paper rolls and garbage in my younger years.
I can bake a mean rum cake.

I have ridden a camel in Tunisia.
At times I think I would rather take my life in my own hands than die a slow and tortured death from illness.
I eat one Cadbury Cream Egg per year, and I savor each and every bite.
Low water pressure infuriates me.
I think few things are as beautiful in their color and intricacy as the face of a cat.
I consider Diet Coke, Coke Classic, C2 and Coke Zero to have been created at the hands of a diety.
You couldn't pay me enough to work in sales, the theater or NASCAR.
Tom Cruise's kissing in Top Gun never ceases to disgust me.
I have peed in my kitchen garbage can while intoxicated.
I am a firm believer that naps should be instituted at all adult worksplaces and that roast beef should receive an NC-17 rating at all delis.

My first concert was seeing ZZ Top at the Meadowlands.
For much of high school, I attended church youth group only to meet boys.
My first flashbulb memory is of Samantha Smith dying in a plane crash.
I perspire excessively and suck at sports equally to excess.
My first star sighting was of Katherine Helmond outside of a Boots drugstore.
I have never used the word rad in a serious context.
I thoroughly researched leaving my doctoral program to become a pastry chef.
I have never boarded a Metrobus because I'm intimidated about the process of paying the fare.
I have colored my hair for almost half of my life.
I wasn't seriously kissed until I was 17 (and was seeing Silence of the Lambs at a movie theater. Ugh.)

I fear I'll never escape living paycheck to paycheck.
I have thought about how I'd turn down being asked to be a godmother.
I am afraid to swim with my face in the water.
I was voted Spirit Queen and Class Flirt my senior year of high school (year unknown).
I regret not having transferred to another university in undergrad.
No desire exists to have a tattoo or piercing below the ears.
Sometimes while pumping gas I inhale fumes with great pleasure.
My beau and I engage in revolting baby talk. Pet names include, but are not limited to, Boo Radley, Boo Diddles, Diddler, Sugar Snap, and Short Stack.
Beyond tuna fish, I have no interest in ingesting seafood of any kind.
I own a Spice Girls CD.

I am obsessed with the fact that I might have horrific body odor.
Few things make me want to maim another human being as much as the beau's choice of mouthwash does.
Behind dogs and cats, my ideal pet would be a seahorse.
I can't stand elitism and those with a sense of entitlement.
When I was in 8th grade, I made a daily trip to the HS via short bus to take French.
Voting for third-party candidates in the present political climate frustrates me.
Once a friend's mom asked us to take our tops off while we finger painted; I'm still uncomfortable.
Others have reported that I uncontrollably say "jugs" when changing my clothes.
I am revolted by yellow pit stains but don't often flinch when cleaning up cat vomit.
I secretly wish I could sew my own clothes.

I once lived in a hotel by the Place de la Concorde for six weeks.
I love to eat at Hooters.
Last week I looked up how much it would set me back to purchase a soda fountain machine for my apartment.
I only own five bras.
I saw a lamb's head at a butcher shop as a child and cannot erase the image from my mind.
I have a social phobia of playing softball.
I think purchasing Vogue is a waste of money.
I used to work in a day care center.
Due to a family superstition, I can never mix the colors red and white at my wedding.
John Mellencamp's lyric "I cannot forget from where it is that I come from" sends me into an editing frenzy.

I have pretended to be sick to get to the front of a women's restroom line.
I love shopping at Staples; an array of colorful Post its makes me want to explode.
I have never watched TLC's A Baby Story without crying.
I firmly believe that sports teams should only be able to win any given title once in a decade. Then more teams would get a turn.
I understand how people become addicts when I'm eating Salt and Vinegar chips.
I find it difficult to understand why some fiancees keep the ring after a broken engagement.
I have owned more hermit crabs in my life than DVDs.
I love the smell of wood burning in a fireplace.
I bite my nails.

If Guy wouldn't kill me, I'm pretty sure I would full-on make out with Madonna.
I'm allergic to Tide detergent; as a child, I was allergic to most food preservatives and cats.
I've never gotten a pedicure.
I despise all jokes involving flatulence.
I wish with every fiber in my being that I could live overseas within the next five years.
I have never ridden on a motorcycle.
I almost always just feel sorry for strippers.
When I see a picture of Nancy Kerrigan I wonder why they didn't smack her in the teeth too.
I'm afraid of Lasix surgery but have no problem rubbing the surface of my eye with my fingers.
Cocos isn't cocoa to me without marshmallows.
I took classical piano lessons for 10 years.

I will wake up/make time no matter day or night to see a meteor shower, comet, eclipse, etc.
I love to cook but rarely do so.
I once worked as a pharmacy tech/cashier/lottery, wine and cigar salesoman, all at the same establishment. Did I mention that security cameras were focused on the employees at all times, not the store patrons?
In 10th grade, I shaved off most of my right eyebrow.
I have cheated in a relationship.
My favorite flower is the gerbera daisy.
I have no tolerance for true intolerance.
I worked for two years within barb-wired walls.
I used to seriously kick ass at both Frogger and Pitfall. Seriously.

I am considering using Rogaine for women.
I can still remember the first time I got the wind knocked out of me. I thought I was dying.
I was by my grandfather's bedside when he passed away.
You will almost never see me in a pair of jeans.
I have never bought myself a piece of fine jewelry.
I have used a men's urinal.
I once ate four hot dog buns before realizing the rest were covered in blue mold.
I lost the 8th grade spelling bee on the word villain.
I went to the eye doctor in elementary school complaining of seeing things. Turned out it was the reflection of my eye in my glasses.
I enjoy reading Maxim.
Sometimes when I look at my cats I can't help thinking about the one we dissected in AP Bio.

Oh, and by the way, only one of these things isn't true.
I never did shave my eyebrow. Go Neil!


you mean you really enjoy all jokes involving flatulence?

Blogger t2ed said...

Diddler isn't baby talk. It's a really awesome nickname if you're a guy. Pokey also falls into this category.

Blogger Bobby said...

I must really like you. If one of my friends sat down to tell me this much info, I would ask them to stop.

I read yours straight through, and was interested the whole time.

Anonymous Jorge said...

You put so much work into your entry that I have to comment accordingly. Apologies to everyone. You should skip this, as it's for Kris anyway.

What is a conventionally hot man, anyway?
God help you if you have to ever be in the same room as banana-flavoured popcorn
Law of Supply & Demand: If I demand money from you, you supply it.
Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! (that movie rocked)
Sushi is awesome. Julia Roberts is kinda like sushi. It's all about the presentation with her. At her core, she never really changes. It's the director that presents her differently.
McDonald's Fries can be used as a lubricant substitute for your car.
Women are so good at using that tool, though. *sigh*
Toilet paper rolls, I understand. Garbage? I'm going to call you oscar.
Funny, I can eat a mean rum cake.
When you say ridden a camel...
If I ever had to face a slow tortured death, I would probably take on more dangerous missions.
I don't eat those Eggs any more. Now, Kinder Eggs on the other hand...
Low water pressure is the work of the devil.
Cat face? See my photo page. :)
Root Beer will always be the nectar of the gods to me.
Could you imagine working NASCAR Sales in a theater?
Tom Cruise's anything in any movie never ceases to disgust me. ;)
I have peed and fallen over into unconsciousness.
Naps are cats' greatest gift.
My first [real] concert was seeing HCJ at Exhibition Stadium
For most of high school, I attended church because I was lost.
I don't even know what a flashbulb memory is. But I would say that mine is our friend Ken dying of cancer.
I perspire excessively as well, which is odd considering my heritage.
My first star sighting was Miss Canada. Movie star? Mr. T at Toys R' Us in brampton.
I've never used the word rad other than to make fun of people who use it.
I've never been in a doctoral program. Sometimes I regret it.
I use public transit all the time because I like to people watch and save the environment so I can destroy it in other ways.
My hair is like a brillo pad.
I wasn't seriously kissed until I was 14, by a 17 year old. ;)
I learned long ago that worrying too much about living paycheque to paycheque will kill you faster.
No one will ask me to be a godmother. Fairly godmother? ;)
Due to an incident from childhood, swimming in lakes makes me nervous.
I was given the Spirit Award at the end of high school because I refused to suck of to my teachers for more marks. I could have earned a bronze academic medal if I did.
I regret starting off in Physics in University. But it taught me my most valuable lesson.
No desire exists to have a tattoo or piercing. Period.
Depending on the gas, I don't mind the smell so much.
My lovely wife and I have really weird nicknames for each other. Namely 642 and ZMY.
I love seafood.
I do not own a Spice Girls CD...anymore
I have horrific body odor. I let other people obsess about it.
Mouthwash is very important. Using is is even more important.
Would you ride around on the seahorse like aquaman? I'd rather have a panther, a dolphin, or a peregrine falcon.
I agree with you about elitism.
I was on the short bus in Grade 10. It was the short bus for people with disabilities. I broke my Tibia, and couldn't walk to the bus stop in the winter.
We have nothing but third-party candidates here.
No one has ever asked me to take anything off for finger painting.
I think I would say jugs if you ever changed in front of me for some reason. It would be funny.
Cat vomit is not so bad, because it's not our own. Pit stains suck. Try Grime Eater. It is am amazing product. My Karate Gi comes out white every time.
I, too, have the same wish. Of course. I have no sewing machine, and I have made myself some decent clothes (in Grade 7)
I've never lived in a hotel.
Hooters waitresses with obvious boob jobs makes me want to change the name of Hooters to Fakies
If you bought a soda fountain machine, I would so be there.
I own no bras. But I own three wife-beaters. Two are for running, and thus, athleticky. :)
I've been to a wedding with filipino wedding when I was young where the showed me a pig and let me pet it. The next day it was on a platter. It tasted good.
I have a social phobia of expelling gas.
I agree with you about Vogue
I've never worked in a Day Care centre. But I have written stories for kids in a daycare centre.
Due to common sense, I never wear a peacock feather hat to a wedding.
I, too, hate that John Mellencamp lyric. There are tons of lyrics that bug the hell out of me
I have actually used a toilet in a women's restroom on a dare.
Staples is awesome. I do a lot of my photo work shopping there.
I'd love to see someone NOT cry watching TLC's A Baby Story
I think professional sports teams are overrated. I think they should all have the same amount of money.
I am addicted to Lego Candy.
Some fiancees can't let go. I love my ring. It rocks.
I have owned more DVDs in my life than hermit crabs.
I am with you on the wood smell
I , too, bite my nails
If Guy wouldn't kill you, I would watch you make out with Madonna, and wave a banner that would read Madonnalikey!
Tide Detergent is the only one I use.
I've actually had my feet done once.
I think I know four jokes that involve flatulence. I think I could change your mind.
My wife wishes to live in Australia. I never did when we met. But I am slowly starting to desire this as well.
I have never ridden on a motorcyclye either.
I sometimes feel sorry for strippers. And then sometimes I feel happy for them. They have power over others that I will never have.
Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding should have moved to an island somewhere.
I laughed at your Lasix surgery comment. I do the same thing all the time.
I am with you on the Cocoa.
I took organ lessons for a few years, but I learned piano on my own.
I love meteor showers. They are best up North.
I love to cook. A lot.
I used to work in a convenience store. I was the stock boy. My boss was really hard on me, so as revenge, I moved the magazines around the store.
In 10th grade, I burned all the hair off my right arm. (WEIRD!)
I have cheated in a relationship, too.
My favourite flower is the sunflower. Followed by orchids.
I can't stand those who are intolerant for no good reason.
I've never worked within barb-wired walls. But I have worked in an asbestos-lined basement.
I challenge you to Frogger AND Pitfall.
Where the hell would you be using that Rogaine? :)
I used to get teh wind knocked out of me all the time when I was a kid. I was the only brown kid in the school. It sucked.
I watched my grandmother die when tey pulled the plug.
You will never see me in tassels.
I have never bought myself a piece of fine jewellery.
I used to be jealous of the a women's washroom in university. They had a sitting room with couches.
I have eaten blue mold-coverd bread to see what it tasted like.
I never entered a spelling bee.
I used to enjoy goin to the eye doctor because the instrument they used to measure the power of your sight made me believe I was a weird evil genius.
I enjoy watching What Not to Wear
Damn. I forgot about the cat I dissected. My poor kitties!

One or more of these things may or may not be true. ;)

very interesting stuff...i've managed to post two sets of twenty-five, but i haven't done it in a while, because it's exhausting and i'm laz-eh.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWESOME list, Kris! You put a lot of thought into this.

Blogger Keith said...

You totally have to get the lasik surgery if you wear glasses or contacts. I was the next-to-last one in my family to have it done and it was the best money I ever spent. Ever.
Lasik Plus. Dr. Sonny Goel.

Blogger Lushy said...

You have no idea what a relief it is to find out that there is at least one other person in this world who gets sick from the smell of popcorn. I am mocked endlessly for my avoidance of movie theaters because I know I will throw up from the smell.

Blogger Dave said...

I honestly can't decide if I know you better or worse after reading that. Nice work.

Metrobus: I'm certain (and in no way joking) that there is no bus system in the world that can be understood through pamphlets or web collateral. You have to just step up, totally fuck up and get lost, then maybe figure it out.

Diddler: Not sure what is more wrong--the name, or the sharing of the name.

Hermit Crabs: What's up with that?

And my money's on the Rogaine for the fake one.

Blogger Kris said...

T2ed - I don't even want to know who calls you Pokey.

Bobby - that's a great compliment. Thanks!

Jorge - you rock, Rock, ROCK! (per usual). I'm so very afraid to open that link while I'm in the office.

HMH - I'm lazy, too. Having absolutely NOTHING else to write about helped me a lot.

Sibling o' Jermaine - Thanks, yo! Be happy I didn't tag you. ;)

Keith - thanks for pimping out your eye doc. Did you have the laser kind or the version WHERE THEY CUT INTO YOUR EYE WITH A SCALPEL? (shudder)

Lushy - I KNOW! I also hate those carts at the mall and at fairs that are full of the stuff. They're like portable choking machines.

Dave - If you ever come to DC, you and I will be on that A&E show Intervention and you will force my ass onto a Metrobus. And the Rogaine one is true. It's been thinning since before I started solid food.

Blogger Marissa said...

Love it! And congrats on your first 100 posts!

I'm going with the garbage can peeing as the fake one. If not...AWESOME. And you met Mona. That's pretty cool. Crying at the end of Rudy. This might say something about me as a person, but I barely cried at any funeral of a relative/friend, but Rudy makes me want to cry almost every time. Also I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that I'd like to see a post about the topless finger painting. You kick ass, by the way. Move over, Jim Varney. I think I've found myself a new hero.

Blogger kitkat said...

Isn't Boo Radley the guy from To Kill a Mocking Bird?

I don't think I could get by in life without jeans.

I am with you 100% on the sushi and Julia Roberts--they both leave a bad taste in my mouth!

Blogger Kiki said...

Which one isn't true???

I loved this list. I was cracking up here at work. Thanks!

Anonymous Jorge said...


The link is okay to open in the office. :)

It has me.
It has Dave.
And it has Dave zipping up my pants.

How could you NOT want to read it?

Anonymous Jorge said...

"Today, on A&E Intervention, watch as Dave shoves Kris' ass onto a bus!"

Dave and Kris watch the bus with glee as it drives off with Kris' butt in the back seat.....

Blogger Keith said...

He used a frickin' "la-zer" which is why mine cost twice as much as the rest of my family's procedures. Had it done 4 1/2 years ago in Columbia, MD and I still have 20/15 vision...

Anonymous your beau said...

Oh the trashcan one is so very true!!!!!! Drunk Diddler.

Blogger Shawn said...

If I counted right, that's three out a hundred that have to do with peeing...which totally reminded me of one of my greatest concert moments ever.

I was in the men's bathroom at a Jimmy Buffett concert releaving some of the built up Kamikaze pressure from the pre-show bash when a truly hot girl casually walks in and says, "Don't worry about me guys, the line for the women is just too fucking long..." She strolled into an empty stall and every guy in the bathroom cheered. That wasn't you was it?

Anyway, great list...that's a lot of stuff. I feel like I hardly knew you before.


Blogger Kim said...

I don't understand the bus system. I don't get how much it is, I don't know where they go, I don't know when they go. I've never ridden and never will.

Blogger KlevaBich said...

oh please god let the false one be peeing in the urinal...

Blogger MoDigli said...

ha! I could beleive the urinal, but thought the false one would be peeing in your kitchen garbage can! haha!

Great list. Loved learning more about you. :)

Blogger MoDigli said...

Dang! Well, that's what I get for not reading comments before posting! Looks like the beau is confirming the trash can story! ... doah!

Blogger Heather B. said...

When you get on the bus, just have 1.25 or your smartrip card handy, not that scary, promise.

And OH MY GOD, I ate a bag of Trader Joe's salt and vinegar chips on saturday.

And I too have gone on a camel ride in No. Africa, but I was in Morocco.

Love this list.

Blogger Laurie said...

Oh my gosh. I love Staples, too. I thought I was the only one who could be wooed by highlighters, post-its and fancy paper.

Blogger Sizzle said...

"No desire exists to have a tattoo or piercing below the ears."

Does that mean that you have a desire to be tattooed ABOVE the ears? Oh God, please tell me you didn't tattoo your eyebrow back on after you shaved it off?!

;) Siz

Blogger Kris said...

Marissa, thanks, you rock star!

Dale, I fear us ever meeting. We might sit around watching Family Guy and Rudy and crying in our beer.

Kit, amen! We are the only two people on the planet who feel this way about America's Sweetheart!

Kiki, stay tuned. I'll eventually crack.

Jorge, don't mock the be-hind. It's so big part of it might get caught on the bus. Not that I'm self conscious about it or anything.

Shawn, indeed, I have done that before too. But never at Buffett. Buffets are another story.

Kim, maybe we could conquer the Metrobus fear together? You bring the flask and I'll get the smokes.

Sorry Nancy. It was in high school and I haven't done it since.

Sorry to Mo, too. That was definitely more recent than high school. Thankfully, I haven't done that since, either.

Heather, can you take Kim and me on our first DC bus trip? I'll buy you S&V chips. Delish.

Laurie, sometimes I dream about falling asleep in there and being able to play with adding machines, resume paper, and cool-ass pens ALL NIGHT.

Sizzle, I knew someone would call me on that after I first read it. But I was too lazy to change the grammar. ;) At least I'm not as bad as Mellencamp.

Blogger Mel said...

I think that out of all 100 of these, I am most disturbed that you have ridden a camel and not a motorcycle.

Sometimes I think riding a bike is better than sex... seriously Kris, why miss out on that?

Blogger Oh, that girl. said...

i posted about you.

Blogger MKD said...

"I perspire excessively and suck at sports equally to excess."

My mom actually told me to wear maxi pads taped to my shirt. Then she MADE me do that. I was so hot in high school. But hey at least I didn't have sweat rings.

Blogger JordanBaker said...

I think we're separated at birth. Except for the bras. I own more bras than you can shake a stick at (though I can't imagine why anyone would want to shake a stick at bras. Unless. . .nevermind)

Blogger babyjewels said...

Great list, but now I'm obsessed with guessing which is the fake. Why do you do this to me?

Blogger Jessica said...

Camels in Tunisia? You've been to Tunisia? If so I want details girl! (from the one who lusts after the idea of exotic travel).

Shawn: I think that might have been me at Buffett! :)

Blogger Jessica said...

By the way, Kris: Thanks for adding me to your list of blogs! :)

Blogger Megarita said...

Can I just confess that I'm such an ADDer from blogging that I could not read all of these? Damn I'm pitiful. I will say that I laughed heartily until I peetered out.

Sushi is overrated, soulmate!

Blogger Cheryl said...

Happy 100!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...that is a lot of info.
I don't even know if I could post 100 things about myself...well, maybe I could.
Anyway...congrats on 100 posts!
You will have to tell us which one isn't true...

One of these things isn't true?

You mean...you don't cry at the end of Rudy?

Oh man, and here I was going to pledge a lifetime of PAINFUL allergy shots just so I could be with you AND you could still have cats.

I'm Bummed.

Tears of a clown Kris......tears of a clown.

Blogger LBseahag said...

I am so glad someone else gets grossed out watching Tom Cruise kiss in Topgun...his sillouette is gnarly...

great list, u are way cool and down to earth.
i like you.

Blogger Neil said...

Maybe I missed someone else asking the question, but why did you shave off most of your right eyebrow in the 10th grade? Just curious.

Blogger oregano said...

Who is Katherine Helmond?

Blogger still_figuring_out said...

lol. great way to end the list. now i`ve to go through it again and wonder which one is most likely to be untrue.

Blogger oregano said...

334 entries
515 comments (you wrote 87 of those - you totally rock!)
228 trackbacks

Blogger oregano said...

I really didn't need to know that about the Spice Girls CD.

Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

I spent part of my sixth-grade year living in a thatched-roof cottage in Belgium.

They still have those?

No matter how hard I try to think otherwise, I find both Julia Roberts and sushi to be grossly overrated.

Love sushi but agree with you about Roberts.

I can bake a mean rum cake.

If I didn't tell you this before, I'm saying it now. You're welcome in my anti-zombie compound any time.

For much of high school, I attended church youth group only to meet boys.

Ha ha. See, I'm not the only one who did this (switch the genders though).

I only own five bras.

I only own one. Probably best not to ask. ;)

I love the smell of wood burning in a fireplace.

So do I.

I almost always just feel sorry for strippers.

After knowing several and living with one, I don't. I wish I made that kind of money.

When I see a picture of Nancy Kerrigan I wonder why they didn't smack her in the teeth too.

This was the funniest thing I've heard all day. Sorry Nancy Kerrigan.

Blogger Bill said...

"Sometimes when I look at my cats I can't help thinking about the one we dissected in AP Bio."

I've been reading this one over and over to my cat. I keep shouting, "Hey Gonzo! Gonzo! Ya gotta hear this ..."

I feel eventually she will get out of my damn chair.

Blogger Lauren said...

i think the fake one is that you actually DON'T enjoy eatng at Hooters. When are you going to crack and tell us?

Blogger Jeff said...

"Generally, conventionally hot men do not appeal to me in the slightest."

Ha, woman's double standard #1! Men are not allowed to say things like this, without their girlfriends going apeshit.

I suppose this offsets men's double standard #1, "women who sleep around are whores. Now let's go find some poontang".

Blogger Poppy Cede said...


Last week I looked up how much it would set me back to purchase a soda fountain machine for my apartment.

What'd you find out? I'd love to have one!

Anonymous Jorge said...

Ahhh, Miss Kris....

No mocking of your butt implied.
Just some friendly word play. :)


Blogger mysterygirl! said...

This is one of the best 100 lists I've seen-- interesting all the way. I'm with you on the Rudy, and the gross-kissing in Top Gun (yech).

Is the Spice Girls CD the false one? haha

Blogger Mike said...

I hear ya on the salt and vinegar chips...

Blogger Jodi said...

I'm convinced you use the word 'rad.' All the time.

Everytime I watch the final episode of The Wonder Years, it kills me. I always cry. Even when they replayed it when it would air in syndication. Not once did it end without me bawling my eyes out.

Also love salt and vinegar chips.

Ditto the smell of a fireplace. And fresh laundry.

And I would challenge you to Frogger any day.

Blogger bdogg_mcgee said...

Wow! Great things!

I too don't understand supply and demand. I think I failed that test in Economics.

Gas fumes are heavenly to me!

I love to eat at Hooters as well....they have good crawfish!

A Baby Story makes me cry--as well as anything I read or watch regarding women giving birth. It's so beautiful!

Anonymous your beau said...

"Generally, conventionally hot men do not appeal to me in the slightest."

Yeah, I guess I'm more temperature hot than spicy hot.

Blogger angelatee said...

I won my 8th grade spelling bee with the word "scanty."

And no, I wasn't in a special ed program. I think the girl through it.

Blogger angelatee said...

I meant to say "threw it."

It was 20 f-ing years ago.

I'm in special ed now.

Blogger Jeremy said...

My father had pet seahorses as a child -- he said he ordered them from a catalog and they arrived in the mail.

According to http://seahorse.com, this is still possible. Of course, their cheepest (and ugliest) seahorse is still $65.00. I'm pretty sure my dad only paid a few bucks for his.

Blogger Danielle said...

I love it all! And yay... another nail biter and sweat-phobic who kicked ass at Frogger and Pitfall! Didn't know there were others. Happy 100! Cheers...

Blogger Brookelina said...

You are so cool. And we have so much in common it freaks me out.

Blogger cleverabuse said...

absolutely fabulous. saw your comment on spc. and thought i would check it out. happy 100. i will definitely be back regularly...i love to appease the comment whore in us all

Blogger Jackie said...

I made it through the whole list.
Jackie likey! :)
I always cry watching "A Baby Story" too.
One of my good friends was featured on that show. I bawled watching it and I was there for the birth. LOL!

Blogger 121774 said...

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Blogger Bridget Jones said...

it's the Madonna thing, right?

I like that list. We have a few things in common, especially the J. Roberts thing. And Rogaine...

well I stopped using it because it strips off hair color.

Blogger missbhavens said...

I simply don't believe you about the pedicure...

Blogger Jodi said...

Okay, thinking about it again. You're lying about waking up for meteor showers. For some reason you sound like the type of person who would hate to be woken up for anything.

Anonymous Jorge said...

Who the hell would have their own site dedicated to natural penis enlargement reviews?

Probably someone whose mama named him 121774.

Since people are putting links here, I'll do THIS! No, it's not dirty. It's just my photography site.

Jorge "pimping himself" Figgy

Blogger Sub Girl said...

I am guilty of this too:
"My beau and I engage in revolting baby talk."
and share this with you:
"I eat McDonald's fries so seldom that I get mad when the ones I am served are lukewarm and/or droopy."
"Generally, conventionally hot men do not appeal to me in the slightest."

I hope this isn't true!
"Once a friend's mom asked us to take our tops off while we finger painted; I'm still uncomfortable." how old were you??

Blogger bandick said...

Well, mama, I do have a seahorse tattoo on my leg. But you wouldn't get a tattoo. And I wouldn't get a seahorse. I can hardly keep vocal animals alive.

You wanted to know if we were twins? I'd say we're like the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVito of twins.

I'm back from NC without any mission style furniture but with a few new memories. I'll post today.

Blogger Miss Penny Lane said...

I haven't scoured all of these yet, but they look all too familiar.

I am a really good speller, but I've always thought that there is just something about "villain" that makes it look like it should be spelled "villian," like "marriage."

Holy crap--why did I put THOSE two words together?? That was totally NOT intentional...I swear to the gods. The example just popped into my head. Even as a divorcée, I am still pro-marriage, but also pro-whatever-one-wants-to-do. Oy, maybe I need to go back into therapy. ;)

Blogger Marel Lecone said...

So much to comment on--this was a really interesting list! About the four hot dog buns--did you want to puke the first four? And, we were just eating a bag of hot dog buns?!? This makes me giggle to type that question. So, which is not true--I'm so curious. Take care. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see if you can get 100 comments on your 100 things about yourself! I think I am #72.

(make note of new moniker and blog address & name)

Blogger Spinning Girl said...

love, love, LOVE it.
Especially the disclaimer!
It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again ::kiss kiss::

Anonymous sandra said...

My god, that's fabulous. I wanted to pick a favorite, but just couldn't seem to do it. I'm actually rather inspired to write a list of my own...

Blogger BamaGirl said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I liked learning more about you!

Blogger Sylvana said...

This is by far the BEST 100 Things About Me that I have read!

Blogger KOB said...

This was amazingly funny.

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Blogger Teacher lady said...

Just stopping by today (officially de-lurking) to say 1.) Love your blog, and 2.) We have an alarming number of things in common - in particular the softball thing. Once (I was 11, but I'd do it again today), I cried and pretended that I was traumatized by witnessing my father get near-fatally injured in a freak softball accident just so I didn't have to play.

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