October 24, 2007
Best. Video. Ever.
Church was never so cool when I went.


Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

Two things:

(1) Thank GOD I'm Jewish.

(2) Are they serious or are they mocking themselves....? I mean it's on a church site so I'm guessing it is serious. As in a way to attract kids? Rigtht, see point #1.

Blogger Ar-Jew-Tino said...

What would ours be like?

"I like big Torahs and I cannot lie..."

Blogger TX Poppet said...

Where da bootys at? Gimme some Bible back! That's it! Shake it for Jesus! I wonder what Snoop Dogg's pastor would think?

Blogger Kim said...

And my mom wonders why I'm an athiest...

PS There's something wrong with you.

Blogger Alyndabear said...

I also can't figure out if they're taking the piss or not.

But I'll no doubt be singing it all day anyway! ;)

Blogger Jorge said...

Best part?

Trying to pack the giant bible into a backpack.


Blogger amanda said...

I saw that too, earlier this week, and about died.

Although if there are booty songs in heaven, I am *so* there. I hope. :)

Blogger Jake said...

I saw this like a year ago and basically was embarassed for all of humanity. It's not even the fact that he's RAPPING ABOUT BIBLES.

It's that some lame, fat, Midwestern white guy thought it would be funny to rap. Note - it's never, ever funny for white people to rap. Ever.

I still have the memory of my DARE officer in 5th grade trying to rap to us about drugs and I wanted to steal his gun so I could shoot myself.

Blogger Heather said...

That was great!

I laughed my book off!

Blogger JordanBaker said...

"Ooh bay-bee, I wanna read witcha
Cause your Bible's got pitchas."

The Lord works in mysterious ways!

I think this is funny on so many levels. NIB or NIV? I still don't know. I had to look them up.

best part: 66 books, and if you're Catholic? Even more!

what the heck is this about? triangles? sheesh. http://www.whatabeginning.com/BBooks/EyeOpener/P.htm

Blogger egan said...

That was a scary ass video. I'm sure that's on www.godtube.com. My mouth was agape for half of this and then I had to shut it off. I'm going to show this to Mix-a-Lot.

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