November 3, 2006
Wish you were with us

Dear reader,

I'm headed to Toronto for the weekend.

Amazing how it can take you two flights and six hours to travel to a city essentially two states away. My theory is that the non-nonstop flight pattern is some sort of Canadian conspiracy, much like hiding Michael J. Fox until his pubescent years and everything "en Francais" and their famous geese. Oh well. More free Delta snacks for meeee, suckas!

Or something like that.

I am hoping not to spend the weekend obsessed with the conversion of stupid celsius to formidable fahrenheit. (I'm pretty sure I will. It just won't be enough that COLD = REALLY FREAKING COLD. And success with simple conversions makes up for the GRE, now doesn't it?) I expect that I will a) meet in person north-of-the-border friends and b) inappropriately corner them barside, forcing them to eat apple pie and watch King of the Hill. And I simply can't wait to drink wine grown in the fertile grounds under the CN Tower and snap pictures for Internet posting of my host and his wife while they are sleeping in strange positions and/or drooling.

I hear they drool real, live maple syrup, people.

Blog to you this weekend,



Blogger Shawn said...

Have an awesome time, eh. Don't forget your toque and some mittens.

And, I may never eat maple syrup again. Thanks.

Blogger jenn said...

Hehehehe. Welcome to this side of the border! Have a great time!

Oh, and steer clear of the Peelee Island wines... unless they've improved DRAMATICALLY over the last two years (which I doubt), it's SO not worth it ;)

Blogger Wicked H said...

Bon voyage!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Canadians drooled beer. And not that crappy 3.2 beer from the states but honest to sweet baby jeebus Molson Brador.

That's also what the mamma's lactate with. I read it on Wikipedia so it has to be true.

Blogger TJ said...

Have a great time on your trip to the Great White North.

I hope those hosers at Delta get you there and back without any hassles, eh?

Blogger takin chances said...

Drooling maple syrup. Too funny! Thanks for the smile this morning and enjoy your trip.

Blogger Heather B. said...

Damn it, I forgot. I was going to ask if you wanted to do Indian (the food not actually...nevermind) this weekend and test out my new wine opener, but you'll be up north. So! Tell Jorge and Mrs. J I said what up.

Have fun!

Blogger Margaret said...

they kept him in a cage in a root cellar. it's not a secret

Blogger themikestand said...

Don't sweat the temperature measurement (no pun intended).

Remember that when you listen to or watch the weather forecast, anything under 10C is cold.

And tell your hosts that you want to take a day-trip to Halifax to hang out with other fun blogging types. I'm sure they'll give you a lift out here.

Blogger Finn said...

Have fun dahling. Have fun trying to pick out the Candians from the regular people. xoxo

Blogger bandick said...

Have fun.

Eat some jelly doughnuts, eh.

And be sure to KIT.

Blogger Kelly said...

It would be easy to get offended at all those Candian slights... except we get Kris for the weekend, so there! :p


Anonymous Jorge said...

We could be offended, Kelly.

But they are true. ;)

Hurry your ass up and get here already mama!

Anonymous Mrs. Jorge said...

Mama rocks my world. I'm so excited! But I'll miss you Heather B.


Like Kim, I guess Mama wouldn't pack you in her bags. Sorry to hear that. Next time maybe???

Blogger Cheryl said...

Have fun, Canadian style.

Anonymous Evil Genius said...

Have a fantastic time, eh?

Can't wait to see your pics!

Blogger Lisa said...

Maybe I'll run into you in a local watering hole or at the liquor store -- if you haven't visited a giant LCBO outlet, you really should check it out. It's the Ontario version of Disneyland (that's not just me who thinks that, is it?)


Blogger Beth said...

The LCBO gives you Air Miles when you buy booze! We don't have such luxuries out here in BC! Of course, Air Miles probably don't mean much to Americans, do they?

Have fun in TO, Mama. Take a Jager Bomb for me!

Blogger Kelly said...

Gawd damn that a G-R-R-Reat night!

We'll certainly have to renite for seconds.

Hope your flight(s) home were uneventful.

Rich & Kelly

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's probably too late but, for future reference:

30 is hot
20 is nice
10 is cold and
0 is ice

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Anonymous Jorge said...

Jenn - Pelee Island wines are great!

Mama - Was awesome having you up here. When are you coming back?


Blogger jenn said...

Jorge- Well, if you say so, I'll give 'em another shot :)

Anonymous mrs. jorge said...

Come back Mama! I miss you.......All 4.5 of us miss you!

Blogger Egan said...

Et alors? Ca va bien? How the heck was your trip to the Great White North? It's a very very big and cold place. Even scarier though, it's a bilingual country.

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