June 28, 2005
I watched the Notebook last night.
Do you think love like that really exists?



Blogger kitkat said...

The easy answer--No. Sort of like your happiness post. I think it exists in memory, but not as it actually transpires.

Speaking of, though, I just wasn't all that moved by this love story. I do occasionally like romance stories, but this one just didn't touch me.

Blogger Kris said...

Kit - that is such an interesting perspective. I think I feel love in the present but I don't feel happiness. Kris clearly = freak.

I love that you always post comments so quickly too - thanks.

Blogger kitkat said...

It's because my job is silly and pointless, so I visit everyone's blog about a thousand times a day :)

I just re-read my previous comment, and it sounds so negative! I guess what I really meant was that stories like those get embellished through memories and through the medium of film (editing, music, etc.). So, yes, and no. Can you find true love that transcends mental illness? Sure, why not? But you won't have the soundtrack that accompanies it and women dabbing their eyes at you while it happens.

Blogger Mel said...

I like to think that it exists, but probably not felt by most people. I've love so bad it physically hurt... and I think this movie presented that in a way, but way over-dramatized (is that a word?). I think that you can connect with a person so deeply, that love like this can exist. And we all wander around aimlessly, looking for it. If this love doesn't exist, then someone needs to up my med levels, cause what the hell on this earth am I living for?

BTW, what did you think of the movie?

Blogger Dave said...

This makes me sound:
a) more in touch with youth culture; and
b) more of a girl
then I am, but did anyone seem them reenact that kiss of the MTV Movie Awards? Holy hell, people. Daveylikey.

Blogger Bridget Jones said...

OK now I have another movie to watch.

I am ignorant. I crave action and mindless comedy.



Blogger Kris said...

Tee hee hee. I really liked this movie. I of course wept for approximately eight to 10 minutes after it was over. The cat thought I was dying.

Blogger lizzyjane said...

From my observations of People magazine, it certainly does for the following couples:

Paris Hilton and Paris Hilton

Britney and Kevin

AND!...(drumroll please).....

Tom and Katie!!!!!!!

Anonymous Vermont Neighbor said...

lizzyjane, lol!!

I do want to rent the Notebook - I don't know about the soulmate concept per se, eyes across the room kind of love. If Jen and Brad couldn't claim it, even in a Vogue interview, can any of us earthlings hope for much better?

I think you can find people you spark with, mightily. Then you find people who are comfortable and terrific to be around. But that special exciting physical spark may be missing. But both together, now that's sumthin' else.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cried harder than I ever did in my entire life after the ending.

I *hope* love like that really exists.

Blogger zeldafitz said...

Y-E-S it does. Fer real. I cried my damn eyes out at that movie and it was the LAST thing I expected.

Blogger Amaya said...

Okay, so this post was forever ago, but due to your geritol post I found this. I have to say this movie is my all time favorite. It didn't hurt that Rachel and Ryan have a really hot sex scene, but it was the storyline that got me in the end. I, too, cried like it was happening to me.
And then I realized it very well could. To answer your question - yes, it does exist. And I am lucky enough to have it.

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