May 2, 2005
I don't remember this happening to Carrie.
I don't have much to say today.

My best friend was admitted to the hospital last night because of pain and swelling in her calf. A 6 am ultrasound revealed it to be a blood clot.

So she sat and waited until the CAT scan at lunchtime. A Noah Wyle look-a-like resident came in this afternoon to tell her she also had several small clots on not one, but both of her lungs.


I love this woman, and hope she gets out of the hospital very soon.

Not only will this mean she is on the mend, but this will surely clear me to begin making fun of her again.


In other news, if you Yahoo search for "how to make a drunk girl wet her pants", my blog is result #70.

Aimee, that one was for you.



Blogger oregano said...

#10 on google for "prior allegations"
#8 on yahoo for "ohio marriage amendment"
#3 on MSN for "oregano"
#1 on for "family guy wonka"

What I really want is to be #1 for "poached eggs".

Blogger bandick said...

Murr, big time. Chin up.

And, I recently was pretty high up in a google for something about celibacy. Don't remember the exact string; trying to put it out of my mind.

Blogger Oh, that girl. said...

How do you find these things out?

Blogger Kris said...

Is the question how you find out about blood clots in your legs and lungs, or if you're high on Google for searches about drunk boys in thongs?

Blogger oregano said...

Pardon my contextual lapse of reasoning but, what is the meaning of "Murr"?

Anonymous Vermont Neighbor said...

I didn't know the serious nature of your friend's visit. I should read these blogs backwards... or chronologically forward... or something like that.

I hope she is on the mend very quickly. Laughter helps. (No, don't take her a Readers Digest..... just print out your blog jogs!)

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