April 27, 2005
We have Grilled Silence on special tonight.
My beau and I sat on baby blue chairs and ate Italian tonight at a small bistro in D.C. The food was good and the company even better.

A father/son pairing sat down next to us, at first chatty. Son looked something like the man who most recently pulled together the boy band formerly known as In Sync. Pops had a little bit of Burgess Meredith to him (although that may just be because he's the only old man I know). Son helped Pops up the single stair into the restaurant, ensuring he was comfortable on his 3/4-inch cotton and plastic seat. They talked with the waiter about the best the menu had to offer. Son and Pops laughed and looked at one another and smiled. I waited for the soundtrack to be cued.

They then pulled out dueling newspapers and sat for the remainder of the meal, reading the Style section and commenting on Grandpa's tight circulation socks. And they didn't look up at one another for a second.

We left before they fell asleep in their cannoli, but it really has me wondering where all of our conversations have gone. Do you not go out to dinner to catch up with a friend? To seek solace in a kind face and laugh at each other's embarrassment? To bond about your days and to create shared experience?

Maybe we are the only ones left who crave conversation and savor human interaction, even if it is at a Wendy's. And even if it is in the drive through.


Blogger oregano said...

It amazes me to see couples out to eat together and have no conversation between them.

Blogger Mel said...

Deep Thoughts, by Kris Handey.

Blogger Kris said...

Watch it, Mel, or the new husband gets it.

Anonymous your beau said...

By good company she means good bread.

Anonymous Vermont Neighbor said...

It is a little freaky to see a couple sit there in stony silence, eating and not talking. Although if you're out with a friend or work pal, hopefully it's okay to catch up on a little daily reading. (I love me my Wall Street Journal!!)

Blogger lauren emily said...

WHOA, ease up there! Don't you think that after, say, 20 or so years together, there might be a little lull in the conversation? Hell, I've been out with a guy for about 2 weeks now, and I'm already paranoid we're going to run out of things to say!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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