April 9, 2005
I'm really not right.
When I see a picture of a new baby with its parents, I never, ever think about the baby first. I care not how cute it is or whether it has both its eyes. Instead I always, always find myself taken aback by the plain fact that its parents have undoubtedly had sex. Gross.

The same is true when I find out someone is pregnant. When a person bestows this news upon me, my view of them immediately changes. Before that point, they were pretty much asexual beings with whom I worked or associated or went to church. After that, they become vixens in teddies or men who have seduced their wives after a dinner topped off with a bottle of white zinfandel. Yuck.

Yeah, I'm definitely not right.



Blogger oregano said...

Reading your comments, I had to come read your blog and this is what I find?! Smile, somebody is reading your blog.

Blogger kitkat said...

I don't think it's weird that you suddenly have to think of people sexually when you see their baby or find out they're pregnant. What I find interesting is how repulsed you are by their sexual behavior. Don't you have sex? Do you think it's icky when you do? Well, unless the parents are absolutely heinous, I don't think it's gross, but then again I don't think I'm having the in-depth visuals you describe either. Very interesting...

Blogger Kris said...

All good points, Kit. I am usually repulsed by their sexual behavior because these are folks that I would never want to see kissing members of the opposite sex, let alone engaged in heavy petting.

I have to stop writing about it now. I haven't yet had breakfast.

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