April 15, 2005
What Las Vegas has taught me (v. 1.0)
Being able to smoke anywhere you want is way overrated. My hair, clothes and wrinkle lines may never recover.

The lengthy line for David Copperfield's performance was noticeably disproportionate to any measurable talent.

White stretch pants are probably not a great choice in any situation or climate.

Margaritas taste better when you've just won 50 bucks playing nickel slots. Regarding the card issue, however, I found it disappointing that hundreds of nickels didn't shoot out of my machine. I mean, it made the "ching, ching" sound we all know and love, but it was hollow. When the card came out with my winnings on it, I felt betrayed. Much like I did when Daddy left.


Blogger oregano said...

Friends don't let friends wear white stretch pants. Big eighties hair is out, too.

Blogger oregano said...

Actually, margaritas taste better with camarón diablo, but I digress.

Blogger Kris said...

All good points.

Now I'm off to New Jersey (my motherland) for two days. My guess is that there will be many too many white stretch pants and a noticeable dearth of margaritas.

There will, however, be a bountiful supply of guidos, teased up bangs, and the phrase "Oh my gawd."

Makes me miss my homeland already.

Blogger kitkat said...

The thought of going to a place where you can smoke anywhere anytime makes me want to gag long distance. Gross.

Blogger Sean said...

I hate not knowing how much I'm up/down. I don't even bother playing those old machines w/o the card. Speaking of old school, I thought the 80’s were kind of amusing as a kid.


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