April 11, 2005
I'm really not right: Part Deux
Last night I had the strangest dream . . .

One of my female co-workers (we'll call her Kathi, using her real name to expose the innocent) was a serial killer and was mercilessly stalking me and my family. She had strange super powers a la Harry Potter and could make herself invisible. Kathi would then hide places and take Polaroids of my family just to let us know that she could take us down if she wanted to.

Crime buff that I am, I used my super keen skills to catch her. The pursuit was awesome. When I finally put the cuffs on her, it was only then that I realized that she was my co-worker, a super fun gal who plans happy hours and the like, and that I had clearly sealed her fate.

And then some of my other co-workers and a few of my sorority sisters put her in a closet and gassed her.

So, A number 1, do I have some sort of problem, Freud?

And B number 2, I confess most everything to everyone because I have no filter; do I tell her?



Blogger kitkat said...

If she has a sense of humor, she'd probably find it really funny.

The people and the things that happen in dreams are symbols--you're not really thinking ill of this girl, but maybe something she represents or maybe your brain just inserted a person into that role and the purpose of the dream was for you to embark on the chase.

Blogger oregano said...

I sense some passive-aggressive tendencies in you. I'm... concerned.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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