May 20, 2005
Although I didn't like Uptown Girl
He's not a popular choice. I feel the mockery of anyone who grew up outside the tri-state area when I say this. But more than any other artist, Billy Joel has provided the soundtrack to my life thus far. A posting on another blog made me take inventory of this, and it was actually quite surprising.

Matter of Trust - God, how I lusted after you in the 7th grade, Rob Haggerty. I remember this song playing while we sat on the sticky plastic seats in the back of the school bus on the way home from Memorial. I ran in the house and put the song on my pink tape player with the rainbow strap and dreamed about us getting married. I'm still glad we never dated.

Sometimes A Fantasy - What dirty thoughts for such a pristine girl.

Goodnight Saigon - I recall listening to this at a party in the 9th grade. I was there with my closest friends, a bunch of uber-geeks like myself who would sing along with unabashed vigor to these songs without caring. Later I would almost cry at the sounds of the helicopter when Brilly and I saw Billy play in DC.

Vienna - My first love put this on a mix tape he made for me almost fifteen years ago. I can still remember him playing it for me the first time, driving through town in August in his convertible LeBaron. I loved him so much back then that it almost hurt. The lyrics always remind me of my friend Jen, always pressured to do well and move ahead. Where's the fire what's the hurry about, You better cool it off before you burn it out. You've got so much to do and only so many hours in a day.

Innocent Man - He always said I never could sing the melody correctly. I still can't.

Summer, Highland Falls - It's either sadness or euphoria. Isn't it true?

We Didn't Start the Fire - We listened to this one on the way home from a football game in a 1990 White Ford Taurus. We nearly got in an accident when we got too caught up in the lyrics (or convincing each other that we were the only ones who knew all the words). I never did get around to looking up all the words I could sing, but didn't know more about.

She's Always A Woman - Although I've never told him, this makes me think of my present with the beau. In a good way.


Blogger oregano said...

In an era when the electric guitar was at the center of music, Billy Joel proved a man and his piano are cool.

'cool' would be 'phat' to the younger readers. I guess if I have to explain that, cool isn't cool anymore.

Blogger Sass said...

I am soooo glad you never dated the boy who swooned over on plastic seats. What a way to start off. If it worked out you'd have kids all rolled up in saran wrap

It must be the tri-state are. Ya can take the girl out of jersey and you know the rest

Blogger lizzyjane said...

I didn't even know that he did "We Didn't start the Fire"
Does that make me an asshole?
We do water aerobics to Piano Man.

Blogger portuguesa nova said...

Life was so much more innocent a decade or two back.

Anonymous Vermont Neighbor said...

I was the second poster on this thread, and then the computer ate my homework. Billy is the soundtrack to so many lives and places.

He's written an amazing amount of work; maybe someone saw the play in NY-- all of his songs served as the theme of the story. With choreographing and characters to play out each song. Kris, hope you caught that one. It got good reviews.

My only beef with Billy was when he wrote Just The Way You Are for his first wife Elizabeth. "I'll never leave you... In times of trouble".

Then hello, Mrs. Christie Joel!

Well, love changes and so do the partners, so I no longer blame Billy.

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Just happened upon your blog . . . I once had an ex tell me "She's Always a Woman" reminded him of me . . . I've never been sure if that was a compliment or not.

Anonymous Jorge said...

Good Lord!
Where was I when you posted this?
In Quebec City, celebrating my Birthday.

Almost a year, now.
A few more months and you'll be obliged to remember my day with the likes of Mr. J.

The other Mr. J

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