March 14, 2008
Almost home
The view from the train is decidedly bleak. It's not particularly surprising, but these sights are more disturbing and clear than you'd expect them to be at 70 mph. It seems that nothing that backs up to the tracks is ever in working order, save the pristine depots that were once the gateways to their respective small towns. The northeast corridor is a series of warehouses with those tiny broken windows they don't even seem to make anymore. The hills are full of garbage truck vomit, of plastic tubing and dolls with sooty faces and fully intact toilets thrown over the backyard dropoffs that frame these single family homes. There's a woman dragging a large branch down the middle of the street with three men around her. Two men meeting in headlights in a remote parking lot at dusk. The graffiti that swallows these buildings is more destructive than beautiful, like an acid wash on the model faces of these hardy brick buildings. One has to wonder what these places looked like in their heyday, when women wore heels and hats on these urban streets. Next up, a mid-city billboard that asks residents to Experience God. Which is interesting, because looking around, I'm not sure I see him anywhere.


Blogger wallofdenial said...

Well from your description, I am glad I do not live there, But...It's hard to graffiti a cow,,,

Blogger distracted spunk said...

When I lived in NY, I took the NE Corridor home to my parents also. It's also how I would get to the city from college. I know exactly what you're talking about. I used to always wonder about the swamp/marshlands that hit right before you enter the city.

Blogger WildbillthePirate said...

Even in Utopia,there's Myopia!

Blogger deeeeeetroit said...

Wow. Sounds a shit load better than Detroit! At least we have a mayor that lurrrves himself some text messaging and throw back jersey's!!!

Interesting...I'm glad that I don't live there for sure! The garbage truck vomit does not sound very appealing.

Blogger Ashley said...

whenever i take the train from RI to NYC, i think the exact same thoughts. it is as though all the trash in the northeast has been dumped right along the amtrack routes.

Blogger shannon said...

Gosh. What a way to start a journey. I was just complaining that my area of the country (the abandoned NE NC) needs train service.

We fit most of the criterea you mentioned, so maybe we'll get train service soon!

Blogger Johnny DC said...

Sounds like the asscrack of New Jersey -- lots of sh@t!


Blogger Jorge said...

He's there.

You just have to look under things, where he's hiding. He's also probably nursing a mickey of rum, wondering where the hell he screwed up.

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