August 31, 2007
you make me want to be a better writer
Because they each have something to say. And each says it infinitely better than I ever could. Happy Friday, everybody.





Blogger Mamma said...

No kidding.

They're writing makes me want to fold up my whole blog. I'll never aspire to that.


Blogger Skyzi said...

Makes me want to take a writing class, then a photography class, then go to therapy(I mean this in a completely positive way).

Thanks for the links!

Blogger Sue said...

Wow. I'm blown away. Thanks for the links!

Blogger Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing!

Blogger alex said...

There was no change in his expression. If we had before us the unconscious wishes, brought to their last and truest expression, we should still do well to remember that more than one single form of existence must be ascribed to the psychic reality...

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