August 18, 2007
Busy bee
My date last night was charming, even more striking in person than I remembered. Our evening was one full of laughter and sweet looks across our table and warm soft pretzels. Sadly, this date didn't put out. Maybe next time.

Tonight, another date, this of a different gender. Details tomorrow.



Blogger canape said...

I'm surprised. I heard she was easy.

Blogger kris said...

it was my every hope, my dear . . . ;)

Blogger Mamma said...

Why didn't anyone tell me?!

Crap! Another missed opportunity.

Blogger playfulinnc said...
Blogger Lizarita said...

"Sadly, this date didn't put out. Maybe next time."

I read "pull out" the first time.
Imagine my confusion.

Blogger Jorge said...

Going from androgynous to hermaphrodite.


Blogger Danielle said...

can;t wait to hear the details... hope they're steamy!

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