November 30, 2005
I generally keep to a no-talking-about-work rule, but I'm going to have to break it today. Seven of the 10 people in my department will be let go this afternoon as my division steadily dissolves. More at another time on how this will affect me. For now, I will go to a bagel breakfast where we will say goodbyes and a happy hour that will be full of wine and little happiness. A preemptive apology to my DC blogger friends - next happy hour, I promise.


Blogger JJ said...

I can sympathize. A couple years ago I was the very last person let go from a failing business. It was strange to feel bad for people I didn't even like, but being let go is probably the single most invalidating experience you can have outside of a bedroom.

Blogger A Unique Alias said...

Holy shit. 70%? Is this a surprise at all or was it planned??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, Kris. ((hug))

I guess I'll wait until the next entry to post my snarky and dirty comment.

Blogger Finn said...

And just before Christmas too. How compassionate.


Blogger Sub Girl said...

aww. hope ya feel better.

Blogger Mel said...

Enjoy your time out with your coworkers. Next happy hour, Kim and I will be joining.

How's the job search going?

Blogger Wicked H said...

Terrible timing! Hope things get better. In the meantime if the business is paying the tab of the Happy Hour, drink up lady!

So sorry. FTLOG that sucks. (please note effective usage of the acronym)

At least you get a bagel and some cocktails out of the deal.

Maybe this will spurn you on towards the career you always wanted but never had the motivation to pursue.

And if not... at least you got a bagel and some cocktails out of the deal. :)

Blogger Kathryn Is So Over said...

I'm so sorry. If you guys need to drink together longer than the work happy hour, trust me, we'll all be at eyebar for a WHILE. Like, 12 or 1 is standard.

Blogger Neil said...

So sorry. That sucks.

Blogger DC Cookie said...

Funny. Our company had a happy hour on the day of layoffs a few months ago. Thought we might need a morale booster...

Blogger t2ed said...

Dang, 70%. The best part is the 30% of you left still get to do 100% of the work. Last one to leave, please turn off the lights.

Ho, Ho, freakin' ho.

Blogger Lindsey said...

7 of the 10?! Oh my gosh...I'm just glad you're not one of the one's being let go!

Blogger Heather B. said...

so sorry Kris. Enjoy your 'melancholy hour' later.
That really really just sucks.

Blogger Anisa said...

wow...your job is OK, though, right?

Anonymous Jacynth said...

Good wishes your way. Drink up on the company dollar...that always makes it a tad easier....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kris.

Sad news.
Hop on a damn plane and get your keyster down here so you can drink in style.

We'll just say that you're our daughter.

We WILL connect one of these days.

Barking Space

PS: Your DC Blogger friends? What about your two faithful Canuck Sidekicks for crap's sake?

Blogger Cheryl said...

That's too bad. You're safe though, right? Drink it up girl!

Blogger nabbalicious said...

Oh, dear. I'm sorry, Kris. Hang in there.

Blogger rebecca_knox said...

seriously kris. I totally understand that rule, but sometimes, just sometimes, you have to breaky. when is the next happy hour? i'll be penny pinching until then ;)

Blogger KOB said...

Sorry to hear about work. That is very difficult to deal with. Best to you.

Blogger Sizzle said...

i've been through that and there isn't any other word to describe it but "suckage!"

hang in there...

Blogger amamgets said...

That truly stinks. I hope they all have places soon, and I hope for you that the happy hour wasn't a misery.

On the bright side, you have lotsa people who check in on you every day. Methinks you win the popularity blog.

Blogger LBseahag said...

i hope those people have not turned in their last expense reports, so they can charge the drinks to the company...

Blogger Jessica said...

Very sorry to hear that girl. I was once the last one standing of a 5 person department. It was terrible. I survived for another year, and constantly packed up my desk in preparation for being let go.....I mean, you don't want to do the walk of shame twice, eh? Anyway, I finally got sick of waiting and just left. Its not a fun feeling to say goodbye to people in that situation. Especially not with the holidays coming..... Have a glass for me, ok?

Blogger Bridget Jones said...

Horrible news. Are you going to be OK? I went through something like that at GM. Was the only one NOT let go out of a bout 10-15 but no one told me, so I waited all day to get 'the call' that never came.

Have tons of wine, OK?

((((hugs)))) Bridg

Blogger Kiki said...

That blows. I hope everything works out for you.

Blogger Marissa said...

Oh wow - that's rough. I'm really sorry about that...if you can, keep us posted. Fingers crossed for you.

Blogger NARDAC said...

ouch. hang in there babe and my best wishes go out for anyone lurching around in the job market.

but, yes, blogging about work is terrible. I'm not a big fan of it.

Blogger Keith said...

"Welcome to the party, pal."
- John McClane

Blogger Aimée said...

I am aware that this may indeed be poor blogging-lurker protocol, but I feel I am entitled as this is my best friend's blog and I, too, was laid off (at another company riddled with budget issues) and had my last day yesterday. Plus, I'm trying to be more active in my dear friend's hobby turned obsession as I did when I started rooting for the 'Noles. Today I started my new job - one where I work from home. Herein lies a snapshot of my first day:
9:02 AM: Wake-up
9:18 AM: Get out of bed
9:21 AM: Decide toothbrushing and body-washing are not necessary.
9:22 AM: Realize menses has started and yet another pair of white cotton undies is ruined
9:28 AM: Brew coffee
9:30 AM: Get dressed (read: sweatshirt over PJs as apartment very cold. Decide no bra is needed.)
9:32 AM: Feed employee (cat)
9:34 AM: Drink coffee
9:35 AM: Take massive crap
9:36 AM: Clog toilet in new "office"
9:37 AM: Leave toilet clogged as other "employee" has own waste receptacle
9:40 AM: Eat bagel
9:42 AM: Log on to computer
9:43 AM: Log off of computer
9:45 AM: Unclog toilet
9:46 AM: Clean house
9:58 AM: Organize "office" space
11:00 AM: Receive bouquet of flowers from sweetest beau ever.
11:00 AM: Frighten elderly, flower-delivery fellow with sweater-wearing teeth and human-oil stench.
11:30 AM: Re-Organize said "office" space
12:30 PM: eat lunch
2:30 PM: Send a handful of legit work related emails and delete any reference to last job off hard drive.
2:45 PM: Smell self
2:46 PM: Vomit
3:00 PM: Begin photo session with the one "employee" for his feline badge processing.
3:15 PM: Text message new "employee photo" to sucker-friends-working-in-"real"-offices
3:30 PM: Eat 2nd Lunch
4:00 PM: Send ridiculous email to best friend and beau friends recounting day's events.

There. I've done it. I grandstanded on my BFF's blog. Hot.

Blogger Jackie said...

Oh, boy. More corporate fun and hi-jinks.

A big bottle of merlot to you. :)

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