August 31, 2005
Today's substantive post called off due to:

A. Difficulty with inserting this morning's Diet Coke IV
B. General bitterness
C. Excessive, inappropriate use of vis a vis by colleagues
D. I've got a headache this big
E. Inability to get Lita Ford's Kiss Me Deadly out of my head
F. Obsessive preoccupation with Jeremy Piven
G. September 1 work deadline
H. General bitterness
I. Both B & H

You make the call.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one feeling like this today (except for the Lita Ford part - mine is Heart, which is the same difference I guess).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one feeling like this today (except for the Lita Ford part - mine is Heart, which is the same difference I guess).

Blogger cruehead said...

Great. Now i have Lita Ford stuck in hy head too, only shes singing her duet with Ozzy-"if i close my eyes forever"

Anonymous Jorge said...

I'd like to point out that jurgen is so bored that he's posting twice. ;)

My counter-list

A. You need to open the can
B. I outrank you. I am Field Marshall Bitterness. Back in line, General
C. I usually use vis a vis as a method of imitating bumblebees.
D. You should indicate how big by square brackets. Like so: Jorge is [] intelligent. Dave is [ ] intelligent.
E. Ah, good old Lita Ford. Sexeh!
F. I can't help you with this.
G. I have a work deadline every day. Mind you, I'm still typing this.
H. Advanced Bitterness?

The end.

Blogger JJ said...

It's about time women stopped salivating over creeps like Tom Cruise and got busy for JP. I applaud your obsession.

Blogger Slade said...

you know they say that sex actually gets rid of headaches??? or at least this is what my husband tries to trick me into believing...hehe

Blogger Mel said...

Deep breaths.

This, too, will pass.

Think about your two little sweethearts at home.

And take a valium.

Blogger Kris said...

I went to a party last Saturday night,
I didn't get laid, I got in a fight,
Uh huh!
It ain't no big thang."

Make it stop. Please, baby Jesus, make it stop.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwwww, man. Jorge, I'm a girl! I have hooties and cute hair and a lot of shoes!!!

Sigh. I'll just add it to my list of why today sucks, "got confused for a man."

Blogger Kris said...

I didn't want to say anything about it. I knew you'd come back and defend yourself, sister of Tito.

Blogger Dave said...

I don't think I've heard or read the words "Lita Ford" in, literally, ten years.

Blogger Kris said...

And NONE of you has ever seen me look as HOT as I do in this photo, I bet.

Blogger lizzyjane said...

Valid points.
very valid points.

Blogger mysterygirl! said...

I think you've gotta turn around the Lita Ford vibes. She's not a hindrance, she's a muse! Channel her sexy, sexy energy!

"But I know what I like--
I know I like dancing with you!
And I know what you like--
I know you like dancing with me!
(come on!)"

Blogger babyjewels said...

C. vis a vis. My all time fav. bad work saying. Had an old boss who overused the crap out of it. Hi Russ!

Blogger Sizzle said...

vis a vis is on par with per se in my book.


and lita ford? she's like bonnie tyler with an edge.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sister of Tito, oh my God! I'm on the floor in hysterics!! I'm glad you didn't say Michael.

Blogger Oh, that girl. said...

I'll take General Bitterness for 1000, please.
Must be something in the DC water, cause I got it here too!

be sure friends read groins

Blogger Meme said...

maybe i'm out of the loop, but where was this Diet Coke being inserted That may explain the difficulty.

Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Lita Ford's cool. I still remember the words to that duet she did with Ozzy.

Blogger Spinning Girl said...

I'm right there with ya.

Anonymous Jorge said...

Go figure.
I actually clicked on your blog to see if you were a guy or a girl, and actually made a typo anyway.

I suck.

Humblest apologies J...

As for you Kris, that photo is HOT!


Blogger t2ed said...

I am so going to work with Ari at his new firm.

My favorite line was when Lloyd asked not be insulted for either his culture or sexual orientation any more.

"I can't do that, but I will apologize."

Jeremy rocks, but why the car air freshener commercial voice over work? Maybe an early career indiscretion?...

Blogger duff said...

i thought i was the only one who'd noticed the jeremy piven air freshener commenrcials...... the best reasoning i can come up with is that he wanted to do those celebrity commercials in japan (where they pay big bucks, from what i've heard), but didn't want to travel that far and suffer the agony of millions of japanese schoolgirls throwing themselves at him.

i mean, i'm no japanese schoolgirl, but i'd happily throw myself at him.

i have a sudden urge to watch pcu now- too bad i'm at work.

as for the lita ford issue, that song gets stuck in my head at regular intervals. i was going to post lyrics, but someone beat me to it.

but my favorite part was skipped over:

i went to a party last saturday night
i told you that story, it'll be alright
uh-huh, it ain't no big thang

man, i need to dig that up on cd and throw it into my alarm clock.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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