April 1, 2008
I’m intoxicated. Don’t jump to conclusions. By God, it’s the most beautiful day in DC thus far this year, and it’s so gorgeous here that I’m suppressing my every urge to write the post I was going to about tourists being kind to DC residents while invading our space to gawk at the cherry blossoms. It’s downright sublime.

This is perhaps the pinnacle of the year for my city, when suddenly the runners around the park are baring their pasty legs and they care not that they haven’t lost their requisite winter weight. The air smells of barbeque and you don’t even mind that your neighbor has forgotten that smoke rises, and rises right into your living room with a right turn into your cats’ lungs. Traffic doesn’t seem as grueling, because the monuments are set against what only this morning was an overcast, weeping sky. The girls across the street come home later than usual and their jackets have been traded for short-sleeved tees. The windows are open and you can almost hear the Pepco bill falling.

Spring in DC is about wishing you had learned how to put the rented convertible’s top down before leaving work. About turning the car heat on only your feet because the sun has found the rest of you. About switching to a white wine because you invite the initial chill. And about walking the extra few blocks to catch a cab, about drinking street side while rubbing your feet against the brick, and about leaving the lined dress pants hanging in the closet until the next cold front comes through.

It isn’t the couple’s season, which bodes even better for the single girl. It’s group spring brunches spent with sunglasses atop your head and a solo walk at lunch that doesn’t leave you longing for his hand around your waist. It’s laughing loudly at a joke because there isn’t cold silence in the streets, without a care as to who hears you. It’s knowing softball on the Mall and conversations with neighbors on the front stoop are around the corner. Everyone is looking upward, if only to let the sun touch their cheeks, and there’s no need to grab another for warmth. No one is ever alone in spring.

So yes, please, come see the cherry blossoms, and enjoy this ridiculously beautiful city as much as I do. And remember that crossing a DC street is done in the same way that it’s done in your home state, even if grandpa keeps honking at you from the Buick across the street with a Zebra cake in his mouth, and that taking a mid-intersection picture of those gorgeous, bubbly blossoms is worth a thousand words, but is also grounds for being pummeled by a rental car regardless of the warmth of the night’s breeze or this appreciative, spring-drunk local’s heart.


Blogger Brittany said...

Was that an April Fool's entry? Must be, because I see snow still unmelted on my patio.

Blogger Pare said...

April Fool's or not, I don't care if it's true - I lurve it.

(I am also so bitterly jealous I could slap the crap out of someone.)

Blogger mysterygirl! said...

No fooling-- it was 75 degrees in DC today. I myself did a little iPod dance down my street, not really caring who was watching. I wish the weather would last...

Blogger Nic said...

The cherry blossoms aren't out yet, right?

I'll be there on Friday and Saturday and it's going to be rainy so it's not like I'd see them anyway.

Blogger WildbillthePirate said...

That's the News from Washington, Now for New York: Tonight is warm and Wet, drenching me as I ran for the car, unprepared for the onslaught as it was only overcast when I went into work. The game let out, and the traffic of this little section all of a sudden comes to the standstill it always does around Game Day.Too many sick and not enough time to een gulp down fast food. Thank God for Coffee!

It sounds beautiful...Spring is here in Georgia too, but it's not real nice. All I can do is think about the pollen and how it makes me sneeze all the time. I'm not a fan!

Blogger Katie said...

It really does sound wonderful... I can't wait til all the snow's gone at my house... there's still snowbanks in my front yard (in WI)!

Blogger kris said...

I feel like a liar - it's freeeeezing today, but I swear it was gorgeous yesterday! More to come, I hope.

It was beautiful yesterday and the city is at its finest. This is my favorite time of year. Just feels like everything is coming back to life. It's wonderful!

Blogger Heidi said...

April Fool's or not, is worth reading and sesning that the spring cheer is right around the next corner.

Meanwhile back in Wisconsin the weather keeps flirting. From the inside the sun keeps telling you "It might be really warm outside your window" only that you get pummeled with wind the first step on cold concrete. Each evening continues to bring a dusting of snow.

I wish mother nature would make up her fucking mind already....(excuse me)

Thanks for sharing a glimmer of hope. Let me know when the cherry blossoms are really blooming. I've never made it there on time...better yet can you share a pic in the blog?!?!

Feel free to check out: sunshinequeen.wordpress.com

Blogger Erin and Liann said...

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now.. You crack me up and I love your posts!! I tagged you in a meme.. feel free to do it or not I just thought I'd let you know. Read ya lata!


Blogger Mme.Meow said...

Completely agreed-- DC knows how to do spring right. We were at Lincoln Park today and it was not as gorgeous as yesterday, but it was still so pretty.

I don't even know where DC is but after this I really want to go.

Blogger Colleen Snell said...

Wow - you should work for the tourism bureau! - signed, a girl with pasty white legs

Sadly the blossoms will be gone by the time we get down there in May for a wedding...

Blogger surviving revival said...

I want spring! Kentucky is so friggin' behind the times... :/

Your poetic words are just enough to put me into spring fever overdrive. As if it weren't bad enought that Mother Nature keeps taunting me with warmness just to take it away every other day! I moved to the South for a reason, People!

Seriously though, DC sounds great! I haven't been there since I was a Freshman. Don't ask how long ago THAT was.

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