July 19, 2007
the random wednesday
I hate people. I'm not sure if I've shared this with you, but I'm a card-carrying introvert who has taken the Myers-Briggs to prove it to the doubters, those who also falsely believe that nothing will surpass Seinfeld in the Wit Hall of Fame. When on business trips, I work the floor during the day, share wine and laughs until I'm the last to leave the restaurant, and then sprint to the elevator to hole up in my room courtesy of multiple locks and two phones taken off their hook. I'll show to your barbeque, your happy hour, your bat mitzvah. And then I'll take three days off to regroup. Diagnosis? I'm a woman who simply hates people but just luuuuuuuuves her a good party.

I've been recharging alone a lot this month. I'm not going to blame it on the cat with cancer, the adorable domestic shorthair whose recent leg-lopping-off surgery threw my life into a tizzy. But because I worry about my dear offspring and their tendencies to chew on sutures as if the threads had been flavored with squid, I've been spending a good bit of time at home alone (well, that and the fact that the Boy decided not to show last weekend, but we're past that now and won't mention it but 12 or 15 times more).

Today I set out to change things by throwing myself back into my element. Greeting people in the hallways, talking excessively stall to stall, and generally not avoiding humankind as my instinct might dictate. And so it was. The glory of this random Wednesday revealed itself in a variety of ways, most of which I would very much like to document soley for my future review, but will share with you in a most vague and annoyingly bulleted way. Today I am not whining and inconsolable, but thankful for the gorgeous little things that leave me laughing and add to the woman I'm attempting to become, several of which involve me opening the door and putting myself out there, opening my eyes to what I've already got on my very full plate.

∙ A face-to-face conversation with a work friend, in which I did my best not only to dish but to listen, which was followed by a

∙ Note from an upcoming weekend visitor, with whom I could not be happier about reconnecting, which preceded a

∙ Phone conversation with a long-distance friend, in which we laughed about our shared neuroses and irrational fears for the coming week.

∙ Today brought genuine companionship, which I opted to bask in, in whatever form it chose to present itself. Glory be. This involved

∙ A game of bocce, played in the extreme DC heat, although lost and while wearing the absolute worst team colors of the entire league, flattering to no one and most particularly a newly-platinum blonde. The latter of which might have something to do with me

∙ Being hit on by a man who has yet to earn the title, who I wanted so much to warn that I was old enough to be his very young mother, but didn't. So on the way home I very much enjoyed

∙ Delilah's Love Songs, because one can never have too many relationships on the verge of failure to giggle about or Journey songs to which you can sing in your car.

∙ Let it be known that I reached out to several people I thought might need to know I was there. To let them know that they're important to me. They are.*

And the gravy, oh the gravy, people. I'm loving:

∙ Bug's ability to jump on the bed and to guard me while I'm in the shower, all the while limping due to some serious overexertion after he came off of pain meds (LOOK MA, NO LEG!); the joy of Cricket not having an asthma attack in two days, giving her mom some respite from her role as the feline Florence Nightingale.

∙ My mother laughing.

∙ Photographs from Jorge.

∙ Your sweet emails, which I've put away for much too long and for which the reply expiration date has passed.

∙ Realizing I own more wine glasses than underwear.

∙ Feeling, and not only seeing, the big picture.

∙ And this.

* If I did not stalk you, this does not absolve you from remaining important to me; I simply did not get to you yet. Carry on.


Blogger Bridget Jones said...

Well done, Kris!!!! Love to both furry offspring and keep on truckin'

Blogger Heather B. said...

I have neuroses and irrational fears about the coming week too! Me! ME!

Blogger Rambler said...

"I was old enough to be his very young mother"
whats that supposed to mean :))

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's clear that you are very well loved. I hope that you are able to see that as easily as your readers.

Blogger Absurdity said...

I strongly despise people and even though my job requires me to be on and friendly and cheerful and helpful for hours at a time, I just wish most of the people (including people I work with) would just go away and leave me alone, for christ's sake.

Blogger mysterygirl! said...

I think you and I are a lot alike this way (the "lots of social behavior followed by serious recuperation"). I'm glad that good things are coming your way-- yay to the mid-week randomness and taking it as it comes.

Blogger Melliferous Pants said...

I'm so glad you're doing well!

That Mommy's Time Out wine is almost enough to make me want kids. Almost, but not quite.

Blogger TrappedInColorado said...

Your writing has gotten even better.
Sorry the subjects have been less than happy. I've been following you the last couple of weeks. Sent you some positive chi. Did you get it?

Blogger Ulysses said...

Yeah, people as a group: I can think of nothing to recommend them. Individual people though,...sometimes

Blogger Danielle said...

been a tough day. so it's nice to think of the little smile things. may jot down some of my own. enjoyed reading this... with my wine.

Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

Thanks for humoring me and my inexplicable need to explain and apologize, toots.

I'm pretty sure I have more wine glasses than underwear too. I also have more pots and pans than I do brain cells, but that's neither here nor there.

Blogger Jorge said...


You know, there was a Bugaboo restaurant or something that I was going to try and take a picture in front of and cover up the "aboo" part creatively, but there was just not enough time, what with Target looming in the distance and a heavy, heavy pressure due to the recommendation of mine truly.


Blogger t2ed said...

I've got a feeling that GE Medical is marketing squid-flavored sutures right now.

It's the next big thing at the hospital.

Blogger JordanBaker said...

I really, really want to learn how to play bocce. I feel like it would be a good way to get in touch with my inner happy little old italian man (who is, under normal circumstances beaten down and kept inside by my outer rage filled little old italian woman).

Blogger Ana said...

I really think you don't hate people. Look at your social calendar or work tasks. It's just that being a MBTI introvert type, people just drain the energy off you. That’s what being an introvert with MBTI assessment really means. Go ahead and lock yourself in your hotel room or apartment, unplug phones, and turn your computer off at the end of the day or after too much people interaction. Just remember not to date an extrovert. They can’t take the isolation. And I am speaking from experience!

Blogger Rebecca said...


I'd link, but that would mean I'd have to stop being lazy and try and remember how to do it. And that's just not going to happen.

Blogger Lord Fondleberries said...

i have also taken this meirs-briggs test (for some happy-fluffy team building shit or other at work); my score: i n t p. for those who don't know, the "i" means that i hate people and am undenyably afraid of people and things (mostly germs) entering my personal space (defined as the 3 km radius immediately surrounding me). the "n" and "t" mean that i am adept at recognizing and analyzing every falt of every one and every thing. the "p" means that i can be all of these things in an organized fashion and under tight timelines.

together, the i n t and p make me a home-bodied alcoholic blogging baseball fan.

Blogger Lord Fondleberries said...

also, i was recently thankfully not arrested for driving drunkenly while belting the lyrics to journey's "huggin, touchin, squeezin", which the very happily buzzed mrs. fondleberries changed to "huggin, touchin, squeelin". i'm still laughing balls about that one.

Blogger deanne said...

There's nothing wrong with being a misanthrope!

I had to Wiki 'bocce' - I always thought bowls looked relaxing.

Blogger shanamyers said...

i don't particularly like grown ups or children, but i too likes me a party and sometimes, my children.

both subsets lead me to drink.

Blogger gorillabuns said...

shanamyers a.k.a. gorillabuns.

i hate being stupid. it's a problem.

Blogger JerseyTjej said...

I agree with shanamyers...
Carry on with that Time Out!

Blogger Karen said...

Yeah girl! I'm one of those "dislikes people/loves a good party" kind of folk also. What a weird paradox, eh? Oh, and I loved the bottle of wine. Need to gets me some of that.

Blogger Jodi_Lee said...

I'm new here, but LOVED this post. I'm similar with a very love/hate relationship with myself.

Delilah *sigh* she knows how to make you sufficiently feel like crap at all the right times - Ha!

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