July 11, 2007
I wish I could regale you with tales of Bug's splendid recovery, of veterinarians in awe of my little physical prodigy as he, only hours out of surgery, takes up not only jumping from the bed to the dresser but hangliding and parasailing over the Chesapeake. How I wish.

Instead, complications abound, from a reaction to his pain medication to some bruising that leaves me checking his chest for the rise and fall that we all love to see in those for whom we care. And naturally, because raining does indeed equal pouring, complications abound in my life as well, leaving me feeling numb. And not in the good Pinot way.

A few of my wisest have told me that this collective issuefest must be a test, a way to see how the new and improved me handles things. But wasn't the process of getting here the biggest test? Isn't now the time to reap the rewards?

For today, ample reward would be to see the little man emerge from his hiding place under the bed. Then again, I just might join him under there.


Blogger Mayer said...

I don't think I've ever commented--and now here I'm the first to respond to this post! How strange.
Just to let you know that I cannot read your last post without blubbering all over my desk..quite uncomfortable at work. But I want you to know how much Bug's odyssey has affected me, a girl 2000 miles away in the mountains of Colorado, a girl you've never met, a girl you probably never will meet...Your post caused me to look up this condition on a million websites, and cancel the vaccination booster scheduled for my own little man later this month. Because that is where I relate to you. My sweet kitty is as important as anyone or anything in my life, and probably second only to my man (and even that is up for debate). My heart breaks for your little guy, and I wish with all my heart that he comes out from under the bed and adjusts to this new body of his...hopefully, he will someday forget this ever happened, and he won't even know that he has lost something.
So, I've come out of hiding to offer you my support and blubbering in the hopes that you recognize that there are many people out there (well, at least one!) who feel everything you feel right now, and who check your blog daily in hopes that there is a reason to smile.
Also, please know that after reading your last post, I spent the weekend mauling my own sweet kitty to the point where he was totally over me. But it does make you appreciate them a little more, no?
Take care,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww. Poor Bug. I hope he continues to heal and does so quickly.
You should tell him there's no embarassment in having only 3 legs. I mean, we only have 2! We get by alright.

My dog that I that grew up with is getting so old. He's getting sick and tired and my aunt keeps telling me he's "probably going to die soon!" That freaks me out. I can't imagine my life without him. Every time I go to my parents' house I keep him with me (though it's kind of hard to lug around a 100lb dog, I must admit) and keep watch to make sure he's still breathing, not having nightmares, and has whatever he needs.
I think I get too attached to animals. I'd be devistated if Mouse were to ever die. I made him promise me last night that he wouldn't. He demanded a treat.

Sorry you're having such a downer of a day. I say, take a day off, take an unnatural number of naps throughout the day, and fill the rest of it with a Project Runway marathon. Theraputic for both you and Bug.

And, as if this is ANY consolation: the bad days make the good days that much better.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww... I am sad for you and Bug... I say crawl on under that bed and cuddle up. Hoping your tomorrow is better...

Blogger mysterygirl! said...

I don't believe in tests. I just believe that, sometimes, shitty stuff happens. I'm really, really sorry that it's pouring these days. I'm thinking about you and your kitty, sweets. Let me know if I can pop by with a bottle of Pinot.

Pets are truly special to us. There's no reason for you not to feel sad. I say, grab some deliciously decadant treat and crawl under the bed with Bug.

Hoping that he recovers quickly.

Blogger *kb* said...

I'm so not a cat lover, but I have definitely shed some tears for the both of you. I know how amazing and necessary animals are in our lives, so much unconditional love. I believe bug will come around...maybe he just read your blog and is a bit offended by the whole "lucky foot" comment!? ;)

Blogger Chantel said...

As everyone knows I love animals but I dislike my cats to the point of obsession. When one got ill and went missing I realized that I loved the little jerks and all the complications they bring to my life. I cringe at the thought of something helpless being in pain and the thought that they might miss me someday.
I'm thinking of you and my baby kitty and baby puppy are thinking of you too.
I told them all about it last night and they are very concerned for Bug.

Blogger WanderingGirl said...

Keeping fingers and paws crossed for both of you.

Blogger Tracy Lynn said...

Thinking of you and Bugster. And praying for a dearth of suckage for you to begin...NOW!

Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

Hang in there. And have a drink. Or seven. And then crawl under the bed.

PS: I'm blogher bound. Thanks to you. So if it sucks...well, consider yourself forewarned!

Blogger Wicked H said...

You know when one day at a time seems too much, switch to one minute at a time. So much easier to type than to pull off.

Sending much love and healing powers.

Hang in there sweetie!

Blogger valbee said...

I'm with everyone else who already said it: there's nothing wrong with crawling under there with him.

Hugs to all of you.

Blogger amanda said...

The therapy that you need:

1. a bottle of wine for you;
2. a can of tuna for Bug;
3. Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" (a lovely classic film for you, and really fun for Bug to watch as well--it's my cats' favorite movie!)

I hope that things turn out well.

Blogger takin chances said...

So strange to read Aly's comment at the top because that's why I decided to post a comment today. I've been praying for you and Bug on a regular basis. My two sweet angels have gotten me through all the ups and downs of the past 3 and a half years and I can't imagine my life without them. I, too, have checked all over their fat little bodies for any sign of abnormality.

So, I want you to know that you and Bug are in my thoughts and prayers and you will be until you see the end of this storm.

Blogger Sizzle said...

i hope the shitstorm ends fast. thinking of you both.

Blogger JordanBaker said...

I think you and Bug deserve a nice bottle of wine and some high grade catnip (respectively). And hugs.

Blogger bandick said...

Krisser, I think of myself after surgery. Never a pretty sight. I always take four times the "normal" amount of time to recover. Bug is a sensitive soul, like me, I'm sure. We heal slowly because we're fragile little flowers who beautify the earth. Okay, I am mostly kidding but I'm sure that Bug will be sticking his paw up your nose before you know it.

And, if you crawl under the bed, I'll meet you there.

Blogger KB said...

honey, I'm so sorry. Please post soon and tell us that he's doing so much better. I can't wait to hear it.

Blogger Linds said...

As a cat-mommy of two myself, I'm sending all my best wishes to you and Bug. I'm sure he'll pull through just fine. Until then, all good luck, prayers, and generally good vibes to you both!!

Blogger Redhead in Heels said...

I have never commented either, but I am a cat and wine lover, so I thought it would be appropriate. Hang in there, both you and Bug. My kitties and I will keep our fingers crossed and our wine glasses filled for you!

Blogger Maya said...

Email me as to what address you'd like the wine shipped.



Blogger Jessica said...

Sweetie, I'm soooo sorry. I hope that you and bug are both recovering well at this point. Have a glass of wine, and then lie on the floor and watch him under the bed. I would. If it helps any, my best friend has a 3 legged dog who just lost a leg due to cancer. She's doing very well. It'll take time. *hug* If you need anything let me know. I'll have a glass for you.

Blogger Kelly said...


The forecast is calling for a cooling and clearing period ahead. I promise. And, I'm sorry the complications are rolling as they are.

Hearts for you and your men!

Blogger Jorge said...


Everything is a fuggin' test. At least that's what people tell us, as their lives chug along perfectly, them sipping their champagne and eating truffles while we trudge through the swamp in nothing but flipflops and boxers.

It is what it is, and I don't know what I can do to help you take the pain away. Your boy needs you, and the Jorge household is on high alert for updates, and are squeezing our eyes so tight due to concentrating on sending you the very best positive energy we can muster.

Mrs Jorge told me to tell you she loves you very much (and hates blogger with a passion), and I will echo the same.

Believe, my sweetheart.


Good things happen.

They really do.


Blogger Matt said...

Awwwww, who's the little mustache man!?

Blogger gorillabuns said...

although i'm not a cat person and they make me wheeze with the best of smoker emphysemaics (this so not a word, so please forgive my ignorance) i do hope you little child is truly getting better and better every day.

as well as you!

Blogger sween said...

Just letting you know, if you bring wine, some comic books, an iPod, and some pillows, you could make a pretty cool fort under there.

Take care of Bug and take care of yourself. Mucho happy thoughts coming your way.

Blogger brookem said...

thinking of you and bug lots and lots. hope that things begin to brighten up, and the pouring subsides. asap.

Blogger Lord Fondleberries said...

under the bed can be the best place to find dreams.

Blogger playfulinnc said...

It's ok to lick your wounds. Everyone needs time to heal, so you and Bug get cosy. You'll emerge much stronger than before!

Blogger snoopy said...

hugs for bugs and you.

Blogger Ulysses said...

You're a good mommy

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