July 4, 2007
happy 4th, beautiful readers
in other unpatriotic news, bug's amputation is scheduled for this friday. i hope you'll do your best to stick around these parts despite a number 1) the likelihood that this will become the obessive ramblings of a cat mother (wait, and the difference will be?) and b number 2) my being this close to asking the oncologist if it would be possible to make me a "lucky bug foot" souvenir keychain.

crickets all around, party people.


Blogger Kelly said...

Dude, that amputation link just made me ask more questions.

Is the -oma thing being cut out, or will there be a whole limb?

I have tips.

Happy 4th to you aussi!

Blogger JoJo said...

Ohmigod..."souvenir keychain"...spew soda through my nose funny. Inappropriate, but very, very funny.

Blogger Maya said...

Poor Bug! I, for one, will/would TOTALLY read the ramblings of a cat-mama. The keychain is wildly hysterical, in a sort of black comedy way. Give him a head rub for me, will ya?

Blogger JordanBaker said...

Ok, while I hope amputation is just loose talk for some sort of -ectomy. ..

. . .if it's not, you can probably keep the leg. If you listen to "Elliot in the Morning," you may remember that when his dog, Molson recently died, the vet offered to let him keep the paw.

The More You Know!

Blogger Maliavale said...

Crickets for everyone! Most especially Bug.

Blogger myself said...

Poor Bug :-( I'm be thinking about the both of you.

Blogger kris said...

Thanks to all of you sweet people.

Kel, he needs to have the whole limb removed (back right leg). I had the tumor removed two weeks ago, the margins were dirty, and this is such an insidious cancer that I knew I'd have to chose amputation or radiation. This is the most radical choice, but the quote that rings in my head from his oncologist is "this is the best chance we have of curing Bug." That, coupled with the high recurrence rate and likelihood of metasteses no matter the tx, as well as the low pain involved and incredible kitty resiliency, made the decision seem "easy." Ugh, easy is not the right word.

Anyhow, any and all tips would be appreciated, sweet girl. Other than wine. Got that covered. Wish you were here to drink it with me, btw.

k. and buggles magee

Blogger brookem said...

i am so sorry to hear the news about bug. with all the love and tlc you will give him, i have the feeling he will do just fine. thinking of you both.

Blogger Jorge said...

I haven't stopped reading yet, have I?


Blogger Sizzle said...

i'll still be here.

Blogger janet said...

my kitties are sending lots of virtual chicken and bacon through the wifi waves over to bug!

Blogger abbersnail said...

I'll be sticking around. And the vaccine thing totally freaks me out. It's why I'm really reticent to trust my vet without researching EVERYTHING first.

Blogger playfulinnc said...

You know...Bug could get a special robot leg and be the new BIONIC KITTY!

Then, there could be a movie, and you could star in it!

Hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Blogger s@m said...

Oh poor Bug. :(

He'll do just fine as a three legged kitty. They are definitely resilient animals.

O.M.G. ROFL. lucky bug foot key chain. *snort* You bad, bad mama *shakes head*

Blogger Lord Fondleberries said...

good luck to little buggeroo.

huggin luck feet,

lord f

Blogger Paperback Writer said...

Good luck to the little cat!


Blogger Kelly said...

Oh, sweet girl!

Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

There is a three-legged dog in my neighborhood who I am convinced would not be nearly as cute as he is if he had four.
I like odd animals.

Good luck bug.

omg, if you get a keychain of his leg you will be my hero.

poor bug. :(

good thing he has a good mommy to look after him! ^^

Blogger cdp said...

I just snorted latte out my nose. If my boss comes in here, it is possible he may realize that I am not in fact working on discovery responses.

Found you via indie bloggers, and I just had to comment; if only to say, you are uproariously funny. Love your blog. Love the title too.


Blogger Wicked H said...

Sending good thoughts and lots of love.

Blogger bandick said...

Talk about a tough looking cat...

I'm sure the other cats will assume he lost it in a knife fight.

Not that it matters, but I think you've made the right decision. It's extreme to lose a limb, but it's a "one time" thing. Then he heals, learns how to be handi-capable, and gets on with it. Treatments that would have him sick over and over would just be miserable for him.

Besides, this way you can build him a little wheel chair that you can decorate with sparkles and stickers. Or not.

Blogger Amaya said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Bug's amputation. Do they think they caught it before it spread?

Blogger WanderingGirl said...

I'm for the keychain.

Bug will be fine. Better luck convincing the vet you're not wacko.

Blogger gorillabuns said...

okay, i've been gone for awhile, but this is just plain depressing!

this is why i only sorta owned a beta fish, pat. the sex, i couldn't quite figure out.

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