July 27, 2007
let the real games begin
Our talk at Blogher is over. Done. Finito. I'm relieved, but this community is so fantastic that after our allotted 75 minutes I didn't want the session to end.

I'd like to say that I sounded intelligent, and that I didn't drink my weight in wine last night, but I'd be lying on both counts.

I'd also like to report that I didn't use the words "punch my mother in the face" during my talk time, but this would also be inaccurate.

Copy of said verbal slosh available on Blue Note Records sometime in 2009. Sure to be a B side.



Blogger Heather B. said...

Yup. Sums it up.

And I never discussed the color of calamari when it comes up after drinking 14 glasses of red wine.

Nope. Never.

That was quite awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mother punching was my favorite part. I said nothing of interest, so I'm happy to share in your gloriousness. The mother punching was AWESOME.

Blogger Ulysses said...

I'm sure it'll be sampled and dubbed in over something cool and smooth.

Blogger t2ed said...

Congrats for surviving the event. Public speaking is like a prize fight. If you're still on your feet when it ends, you're a winner.

And now that the discussion is over, you can get down to some serious drinking.

Hope you're not getting poured on and can enjoy the North Pier.

Blogger WanderingGirl said...

I try to use all of those phrases on a daily basis. Don't you judge me.

Blogger Jorge said...

Hopefully you used the subliminal music in the background like I told you.

I want my BlogHer army ready to march by next fortnight!


Blogger Viviane said...

I was in the front row of your session and really enjoyed the discussion.


Blogger tallglassofvino said...

Knowing first hand the stress and bewilderment of opening your mouth into a microphone and wondering who in the hell possessed you and made that string of things come pouring out, I'm sure you women were fabulous! Because you're good under pressure, that way. I can just tell.

Blogger Jennifer said...

There were two sessions I would've attended, had I attended. Amy Sedaris and yours. I'm sure you were fabulous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regardless of your eloquence (although I don't doubt you were great), it sounds like you had a great time, and that's the important thing, right?

I'd still like to hear more about punching your mom in the face. Classy.

Blogger AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You were utterly fabulous and it was a pleasure to meet you.


Blogger LushlyMe said...

I thought it was fabulous talk.. and I can confirm that you are not the only person to ever consider punching their mother in the face.. trust me!

Blogger Mamma said...

Shoot, that was the line that made me love you.

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