June 23, 2007
this'll be the top post when mom finally discovers my blog
Sweet baby Jebus. I'm starting to think that Pa Ingalls and the gang really missed out given that they didn't have the electronics when they were courting their mates, shearing sheep and avoiding the consumption. Because it's come to my recent attention that few things are as shamefully enjoyable as flirtation carried out by way of well-placed adjectives and subtle innuendo over email. God bless you, Internets.


I'd also add that it works pretty well via text message too. hehe.

Blogger EDW said...
Blogger Jessica said...

2nding the text message suggestion. Glad you're having fun!

Blogger whoorl said...

Are you having textual intercourse?

Blogger Amber Dalton said...

Post. Them.



Blogger tallglassofvino said...

eLocution is HOT

Blogger Heather B. said...

Wait until you discover google chat emoticons. Your heart will melt.

Blogger Jürgen Nation said...

Um...CAN I TAKE CREDIT YET???! This could be my bestest fix-up TO DATE. No pun intended!

I need le scoopy tomorrow, first thing. I love living vicariously through my BFF.

*happy dance*

Blogger Jürgen Nation said...

Confession: the pun was intended.

I can't keep secrets from you.

Blogger Jorge said...




Blogger Melissavina said...

The emails are always fun but then you show up on your date and realize that he posted pictures of himself fifteen years earlier when he was in shape, and that his actual interpersonal skills are that of a goldfish... and you end up saying things like "good on paper" and "but... the emails were so good!" and you never want to go out with him again until he sends his next email which causes you to reconsider, so you go out again and wind up in your car on the way home on your cell phone to a friend saying "I knew I should have pulled the plug on this one."

Or at least that COULD happen.
His name was Mark and he was a lawyer. In person we talked only of astrology and back hair. It was awesome.

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