December 13, 2005
Your Best of 2005
In just a few short, cold days, Kris will depart on an international Christmas vacation of mystery. While on the lido deck, I will be unable to post or stalk you via the information superhighway. To cope I have enlisted the permission of the sassy originator of the BEST OF series to devise my very own list.

While on vacation, I'd like you to sample the best of our collective 2005 blogging.

Please pick one or two of the best posts you've crafted!

Then tell me which category they come from:

Hit me with your best Plot (or fiction)

Tales from the Ripped (or, I was drinking when . . .)

We're just here to do the Superbowl shuffle
(or Sports)

Holden Caufield
(or, frankly, my disillusionment)

Gumming of age (or Growing older)

I can't believe it's not butter, spray! (or Romance/Relationships)

You'll rave about this rant (or Opinion)

Of the way we murr . . . (Memories)

Pieces, pieces, pieces of me (Autobiographical)

I feel witty, oh so witty (or Humor)

My cat beat up your honor roll student (or Stuff about my babies and/or felines)

Iambic pentameter, hear me roar (Poetry)

To submit your personal Best of 2005 entry, please choose your favorite post of the year, email me (if you put it in the comments you'll give it away, silly!) by Saturday: the link to your post, the header above which best represents its flava, and two sentences describing its content in fetching detail. The entry will be posted prior to me leaving your asses in the cold winter dust.

To Egan/Seattlephile: this is not a competition. All you have to do is submit something.
To Jorge/George: humble as you are, this is the opportunity to submit your OWN work, not someone else's!



Anonymous Crick & Bug said...

Good Riddance!!!

Anonymous your beau said...

That's cool, leave me behind to overfeed the cats. Just don't call or talk to me until the bowl games are over! I'll watch all the awful slide shows you can muster on January 5th.

Blogger Finn said...

May we enter more than once?

Anonymous Jorge said...

I'll have to think about this.
And think I shall.

I hope you're not gone for too long.

Beau, you can come hang out with Dave and I.


Blogger Egan said...

This sounds like a competition of sorts. Huh, I love to compete, but I am new to your blog and not sure I fit in quite yet. This should be fun to watch unfold though.

Blogger Kris said...

NOOOOOOO! No competition! This is you picking your favorite entry and submitting it so other people (who may not read your blog, popular as I KNOW it is :) can read it!


Blogger Cheryl said...

be sending it soon!

Blogger Egan said...

You crack me up Kris. I am not all that popular. I have a long way to go as I see it. That damn Dooce bitch has set the bar way too high and shit.

Blogger Kris said...

It isn't Dooce you have to worry about. PostSecret has taken over much like the Starbucks.

Beau, I'll deal with you and the cats later.

Blogger Shawn said...'s not a competition? Does that mean I don't get to wear my new helmet? what am I gonna do with this stupid thing?

Hope you have a good trip though. Watch out for pirates...

How fun!
I'll send you mine via email

Anonymous your beau said...

Thanks for the invite, but I'm not sure I can handle Canada in December.

Blogger Egan said...

PostSecret is lame. Actually it's a clever idea, but anonymous secrets aren't that captivating to me. I need to know the source, but that's just me.

Blogger babyjewels said...

What a cool idea.

Blogger Brookelina said...

And you were screaming for ME to come back!!!!!

I'll be sending you one for sure. Just have no idea which one.

Blogger The Zombie Lama said...

I'll send something as soon as I stop being so lazy.

Blogger Bridget Jones said...
Blogger yournamehere said...

I'm going to send you something from my pathetic collection. So much shit to pick from. Hmmmm.

Great idea, kris! Hope you have a safe and above all FUN vacation!

Blogger Kim said...

I've looked through my archives and I'm pretty sure I have nothing worthy. Why couldn't you have a "send me your worst post of all time" entry? I have tons of those.

Blogger Egan said...

I need to read this post again for the rules about this competition. I am so thoroughly confused.

Blogger LBseahag said...

I'm confused too...I can barely even remember my login info...

Blogger Jürgen Nation said...

I write for shit. I don't have any "best" posts! Shit, Kris. Way to make me feel like poop. Moo.

Blogger NARDAC said...

I cannot make the Saturday deadline. Really. I can't. Sorry. Can I have an extension? It's my mom's peg leg...

Blogger amamgets said...

Too young at blogging to have a 'best'-- other than the picture of my Bumble, that's pretty awesome.

Aside: I saw an article opining on whether young master Caufield suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome. Now that is some funny shit.

Blogger tmaris said...

I'm so sorry I didn't see this earlier... is it too late?

Blogger Marissa said...

This is a great idea! How did I miss this?? Okay, I'm on I still have time?!

Blogger Kris said...

Submit now or forever hold your posts!

I had to. That was so bad.

And again, it's not a competition! :)

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