March 11, 2007
how to make my weekend
It's a well-known fact that I like wine. And I tend to like people who like wine, who can recognize the difference between a Chardonnay strong on oak and another on butter, those who know that a bottle is corked at the outset. It might not surprise you that this is one of my favorite weekends of the year, second only to the Swingers' Convention. Or that I had tickets for for both days. Two different sparkly wristbands = hours of middle-of-the-night fun for both cats. Apparently, I am not the only one who enjoys the wine. Which is sad, because I don't take pride in shiving Reidel-wielding old folk who stand between me and a Riesling.
I laughed even while sober and enjoyed cabs and merlots more than a self-respecting Pinot Noir junkie should. The hot sauce I bought made my eyelids tingle, just as a spice junkie in me wanted it to. I signed up for Indian cooking classes, watched as a DC pro and his amazingly cute sous chefs served up fennel-crusted salmon, and savored one fantastic Pinot Gris and liqueur after another. Let's not forget the women's numbers with which I walked away, as the Kris is prone to do. Because apparently my 11th commandment states that I shall never meet men at such events; I just add to my women's fellowship cup that already runneth over. (Said statements shall now result in at least 50 Google searches for girl-on-girl action.)

In a semi-tipsy state, I did what any blogger might do: while in the one decent bathroom in the joint, I attempted to take a picture of my new hair cut, as meeting the needs of my blog family is always on my mind, even moreso than a distracting visit to the booth for a LONG ISLAND winery. I mean, really? The Island? And while taking said photo, naturally I worried more about the crucial details, like getting back to the marketing genius that is selling silver jewelry and CHOCOLATE under the same roof, than ensuring that my flash was turned off. My apologies, because somehow the ceiling tile is much larger and my hair much longer than they appear in real life.

The lack of anything below the shoulders has nothing to do with my shutterbug abilities but instead a modesty ingrained in me after my first viewing of Witness. Moving on.

In short, I drank more vino and ate more than my share of wonderful dry Irish cheeses and met more women than my dance card can presently hold. And when I got off of Metro, and wasn't quite ready to go home, I did what any self-respecting Kris would do: I walked right into my local fire house and spent an hour and a half meeting and greeting the poor, unsuspecting men as they shared a corned beef and cabbage Sunday dinner. Because making friends, even while asking if they use Jergen's prior to sliding down the brass pole, is my way.

We're exhausted. Hope your weekend was as good.


Blogger Mymsie said...

Sweetest kitty tummy I've seen all day! *coo*

Blogger Dave said...

Nice hair! However, what I really want to hear about is how you installed that spotlight in your shirt. That's hawt!

Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

I swear I'm not hitting on you but that hair is divine. Seriously. I didn't know women in DC were allowed to look so cute. Okay, fine, I'm totally hitting on you.

Anonymous whoorl said...

your hair looks fucking fabulous!

Blogger Needtsza said...

You're workin' on an overhead projector? =)

Great hair. You and the kitty =)

Blogger JordanBaker said...

Why? Why do I never hear about these things in time?

And I totally want to do a Bill Cosby/Rudy style "Zerbert" on the cat's tummy.

Anonymous Jorge said...

I agree with Dave - I love the new do.

Dave - Spotlight in the shirt? Come on! They don't call 'em highbeams for nothin'.


Blogger Lord Fondleberries said...

it is only fair to type up front that i found you via the monkey boy's typepad. there, i've typed that; now, on to the commenting.

i heart wines, and do so well know the difference between an oaky chard and a butter-filled glass of warm, liver-friendly goodness. alas, at the end of the night, after several bottles of either, i much more know my way around a pillow than the legs extending down the tilted side of someone else's riedel (i'm half jewish, thus too cheap to buy such things): there are down pillows and un-down pillows and even the space-aged foam varietals which form-fit to one's head and neck, not unlike a heap of softened butter with my drunken head pressed firmly to it might.

le weekend began tuesday at 9:15 pm and ended saturday at 12:30 am, very much like this:

i awoke to the plush and fuzzy sounds of chirping ambient techno. in the dim lighting, i could just make out the edge of a crowd with its collective ass turned toward me. it may have been the floor being stomped along to the beat, or it may have been the gray matter sloshing throughout my head. in a rapid movement, or it may have been very slowly, i lifted myself erect, straight off the couch and immediately flat onto the floor. luckily, i hoped, no one saw that bit of audrey hepburnesque grace. then, all at once, came a flood of deep, moaning laughter and the clicking chorus of digital cameras.

with a tingly feeling of drunken embarrassment, i did what anyone else might have: i summoned strength of biblical proportions, wiped the drool from my chin, attempted a wink, and flashed a crooked smile with my engorged tongue hanging out of the side of my mouth.

hugs and mittens,

lord f

Blogger Gwen said...

Love the hair, but that crowd scares me .....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the hair. V cute.

Awww I love cats. Probably too much. ^_^

Anonymous Single Jen said...

Love the hair. I'm experimenting w/ the side-swept bangs myself...big fan. Though they are on my nerves most of the time.

Blogger themikestand said...

I see that Taste DC is having a Single Malt Scotch festival... If you're ready to broaden your horizons (not that wine isn't broad enough), I'll get two tickets :)

And also, there's something about camera + washroom that makes me feel oogie. That said, we all appreciate the self portrait effort.

Blogger supergirlest said...

o-b-kay-b... i'm officially GREEN! wine AND food fest? *sigh* none such in my neck of the woods... i'm always down for a good MOUTH PARTY!!!!

great hairs, too!

Blogger mysterygirl! said...

Your hair looks adorable-- loves it!

Glad you enjoyed the wine and the female company. Sounds like a fun time, even though that crowd makes me claustrophobic just looking at it.

Anonymous dionna said...

I love me some wine, but have stopped partaking as much since I stopped smoking. (sigh)
The picture of your cat is great - we have one who lays on her back like that all the time. She's such a weirdo!

Anonymous Bonanza JellyBean said... thinks I should have been to that.

Anonymous Tom said...

one of our cats started to lay around just like yours. does it have something to do with the approaching spring season?!

Blogger an9ie said...

Have I mentioned that every time I type in your blogspot address, it makes me laugh?

Blogger Maya said...

Ummm...are you planning any expeditions to our wine country? 'Cause I know two lovely kitties, one girl and a long-suffering husband who'd love to take you around....sans the big, scary crowd. That tummy is the cutest I've seen since five minutes ago when our little Edie tried to get me to come to bed. Glad you had fun1

Blogger Maya said...

PS: fun!
PPS: Reidel? seriously?
PPPS: Dry Irish cheese: Dubliner
PPPPS: A Long-Gisland winery? Forrreal? Eeesh.

Blogger Thomas said...

Weekend was good. Thank you.

Blogger Lauren said...

That sounds like a joyous weekend!

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