March 14, 2005
Worst Daughter Ever
I've grown to understand that every major event that I attempt to take on with my mother, whether it be family vacation, milestone birthday or perhaps the random Sunday, is destined for failure. At the very least, screeching and crying similar to that of both threatened animal and myself at four years old is sure to ensue.

Today is day one of her first 2005 silent treatment.



Anonymous kimmay said...

my dear friend kris. no, no, no!! i am the worst daughter in the world. remember, i was the one locked out of the house on thanksgiving. top that! kimmay

Blogger lauren emily said...

I've had the tough times with the mom as well, and even though we're generally doing better now, they still pop up every now and then. I know how it is-- nothing is like craving a good relationship with your mom. I hope it gets easier, and until then-- hang in there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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